SOP – Front Office – Hotel Medical emergency / Procedure for Medical Emergencies

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SOP Procedure for Medical Emergency

Handling Medical Emergency Standard procedure:

  • The hotel emergency team members should consist of the Duty ManagerSecurity Manager or Supervisor, Front Office Manager, Manager on Duty, and the General Manager.
  •  A health emergency is defined as any situation when a guest or staff’s well-being or threats to his /her life e.g.: Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Arrest, Unconscious Individual, or any Conscious Person in Acute Distress.
  •  As the first point of contact, the Telephone operator / Guest service agent should check with the guest about what problem he is facing.
  •  If the guest service team is the first who receive the call, inform the operator to contact Security and rush to the scene. 
  •  Take down the caller’s name, room number, or location of the scene, type of sickness or injury, and inform the Front Office Manager or Duty manager immediately.
  •  If the guest requires hospitalization then an ambulance is to be called, or a hotel vehicle may be offered depending upon the situation/condition of the guest.
  •  The hotel staff should Stay with the guest or injured person till the arrival of the Emergency Unit.
  •  In case a guest requests to call a doctor (doctor on call) then the standard procedure should be followed.
  •  In case of a serious medical emergency, the Manager on Duty should act as the leader of the medical emergency team.
  •  The Security Manager must be immediately notified and should be present to assess the situation.
  •  The First aid trained staff should attempt to stabilize the victim with the assistance of the Security Team / Manager while the ambulance is being called.
  •  A wheelchair should be placed on standby if required, and the Security Supervisor / Manager will arrange for an elevator to carry out the evacuation. 
  •  As per the hotel policy, the ambulance will be directed to arrive either via the Employee Entrance or to the hotel’s emergency exit.
  •  All medical emergencies must be logged onto the Hotel log, Security Log, and Front office daily log.

The following information must be obtained once the guest is taken to hospital:

  1. Name of the hospital where the guest is admitted.
  2. Ward number or room number and how to contact the guest in the hospital thereafter. 
  3. Identify the ‘In case of emergency’ number provided by the guest at the time of check-in from the registration card or contact the local company representative (booker) in case the guest is booked through a company.
  4. Contact the above number and provide relevant information about the incident.
  5. Payment methods while staying in the hospital must be obtained from either the booker or guest.

In the event the guest death before the arrival of the Medical Team:

  1. Hotel Staff should wait for the arrival of the Medical Team.
  2. Do not move the victim or anything at the scene. 
  3. Upon confirmation of death by the Medical Team, call the Police.
  4. Restrict Staff and guest moments in this area.
  5. The Security Manager should seal the room and wait for further instructions from the Police.
  6. Provide the ‘In case of emergency’ number provided by the guest at check-in or the Booker details to the Police.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to handle a medical emergency in the hotel?

Q2. What should the staff do in case of the death of the guest?

Q3. What information needs to be collected in case the guest is moved to a hospital?

Q4. Who should be part of the hotel emergency team?

Q5. What details need to be collected when attending an emergency call?

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 38
Department: Front Office – General
Date Issued: 08-May-2017
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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