SOP – Front Office – Doctor on Call / Procedure for Sick Guest

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SOP Doctor on Call Request / Procedure for Handling Sick Guest

Doctor on Call Standard procedure:

As the first point of contact, the Telephone operator / Guest service agent should check with the guest about what problem he is facing.

Take down the caller’s name, room number, or location of the scene, type of sickness or injury, and inform the Front Office Manager or Duty manager immediately.

If the guest requires hospitalization then an ambulance is to be called, or a hotel vehicle may be offered depending upon the situation/condition of the guest.

If the guest requests to call a doctor to the hotel then:

  1. The Manager on duty / Security head is to be advised about the request for the House Doctor.
  2.  Always call the doctor who is known to the hotel.
  3.  Check with the doctor how much his consultation fee is and the same is to be communicated to the guest.
  4.  If the doctor is not a House doctor then let the doctor and the guest communicate to finalize the charges after his visit.
  5.  Also, inform the doctor about the guest’s problem and only connect to the guest if asked by the doctor.
  6.  Check for timing so he can come into the hotel.
  7.  Inform the guest about the approximate time the doctor can come and visit him.
  8.  When the doctor arrives at the Hotel, the Duty Manager / Guest Relation Executive is required to escort the doctor to the guest room for assistance.
  9.  After consultation, if a prescription is given to buy medicines, then arrange for the same using either the hotel car or taxi and charge the expenses to the guest account as ‘Paid Out’.
  10.  If the guest wants to pay the doctor’s consultation charge from his room account then the same needs to be posted on his folio as a ‘Paid out’.
  11.  Guest Relations staff should follow up with a courtesy call to the guest the following day to check the guest’s condition.
  12.  As per the hotel policy, complimentary Fruits/flowers may be sent to the guest.
  13.  Duty Manager / Manager on Duty should log such information on the manager’s log book and front office log book for record purposes.
  14.  At all times the Hotel staff are to show empathy towards the guest.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to handle doctor on-call requests from guests?

Q2. Who should accompany the doctor to the guest room?

Q3. Can the doctor’s consultation charges posted to the guest’s account?

Q4. What should be done in case the doctor had prescribed medicines after consultation?

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 26
Department: Front Office – General
Date Issued: 07-May-2017
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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