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SOP – Laundry – Tips for using Dryers

SOP Number: HK - 12 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – Laundry


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Dryer temperature:

  • Set the correct temperature for the dryer as per the linen used.

  • Reduce heat if the synthetics linens are having wrinkles.

  • Reduce heat down during the last few minutes of drying time.

  • Remove linens before they are bone-dry.

  • If the dryer heat is too high then the synthetic fabrics can look glazed or fused fibers.

  • Learn the drying times and temperature for each fabric.

  • Clean the filters on periodic bases to prevent any fire accidents.

Loading dryers:

  • Always follow the manufactures loading instructions.

  • Load the dryer to their capacity, ie do not overload or under load.

  • Load dryers by the optimum performance weight or by the piece count to save energy costs.

  • It is also a good practice to sort linens and uniforms by their type before drying.

  • When drying the pillowcases and bedsheets run them through a cool-down cycle of three to five minutes this will help reduce wrinkles.

  • Cool down cycles feature on the dryer can also reduce the chances of burning the fabrics.

Removing linens and uniforms from dryer:

  • While taking the cloths out from the dryer avoid accidental burs from hot dryer surfaces.

  • Do not put the dried cloths from the dryer to the floor.

  • Also never leave linen in the dryers overnight as this may cause fire accidents.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Is it required to set the temperature as per the type of linen used?

Q2. Why should the temperature to be reduced during the last minutes of drying?   

Q3. Why should the dryer be loaded with optimum weight?

Q4. Is it required to sort linens before drying?

Q5. How to avoid accidents from hot dryer?

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