SOP – Housekeeping – Prepare Guest Room For Cleaning

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How To Prepare Guest Room For Cleaning?

Remove room service equipment from the room:

  • Pick up all room service equipment and move it to the floor pantry.
  •  Move the room service cart/trolley to the floor pantry.
  •  Inform the room service / IRD department to clear the trays/trolley from the guest room/floor pantry.
  •  Never place the room service trays or trolleys on the guest corridor or the service elevator.

Removing Rubbish From Guest Room:

  • Collect recyclable items such as (Newspapers / Aluminum cans, glass bottles, Newspaper bags, etc.) and place them either in the bag or on the floor pantry.
  •  Empty the waste paper basket and ashtray into the garbage bag.
  •  Pick up all the rubbish and put it in the rubbish bag.    
  •  All rubbish was removed from the room upon entering that room, and placed in a rubbish bag on a trolley.
  •  Extra care should be taken with broken glass, razors, etc.
  •  Remove all disposal items like ash, cigarette buds, etc. into the dustbin.
  •  Keep ashtrays and glassware under the washbasin tap to wash.
  •  With lukewarm water and tempol, clean the ashtrays and glassware with the help of a sponge.
  •  Wash liberally with water.
  •  Wipe with a lint-free cloth.
  •  After drying, place back the items in the appropriate place.   
  •  Ashtrays and glassware are spotless.
  •  Use a dry tissue to collect hair from the vanity, toilet, bath tub and floor.
  •  Do not throw away any guest property that may be wrapped in a tissue.
  •  Cleaning of ashtrays and glassware.
  •  Collect all ashtrays and glassware.

Emptying Dirty Linen From The Guest Bathroom:

  • Remove any guest clothing from the bed and neatly lay it across the back of the chair.
  •  If there are any personal items on the bed then remove them and place them neatly on the table.
  •  If it’s a departure dirty room then if you find any guest items record the same as lost and found item.
  •  Remove all dirty linen from the room and put everything in the space provided for storing soiled linen in the R/A trolley.
  •  When the dirty linen is at level with the top of the trolley, empty the linen and collect it in the pantry.
  •  All the dirty linen was removed from the room and put in a linen bag in the trolley.
  •  Do not use guest linen and towels for cleaning the guest rooms.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the step for removing room service equipment?

Q2. How to clean the ashtrays and glass wares?    

Q3. What is to be done if you find any guest items in the bed, or floor?

Q4. Important points while removing rubbish from the guest room?

Q5. Why one should not place the room service tray or trolley on the guest corridor?
SOP Number: Housekeeping SOP - 14 
Department: Housekeeping – General
Time to Train: 35 Minutes
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