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SOP - Front Office - Credit Card late charge

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 74

Department: Front Desk

Date Issued: 16-Oct-2021

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

1. Getting approval

Any credit card late charge should be approved by Guest Service Manager or the Front Office Manager.

2. Check supporting

  • Check if all necessary supporting are on hand for credit card late charge.

  • Guest registration card with full guest information.

  • Guest credit card number to check guest signature on registration card.

  • If necessary materials is not full, the late charge can not be conducted.

  • If not same, late charge can not conducted.

3. Get guest credit card information

Basic materials required for credit card late charge are as mentioned below:

Get guest credit card information as follows:

  • Credit card number
  • Credit expire date
  • Guest name

4. Use EDC machine to do the late charge except local credit card.

  • If any late charge will be done, use the EDC machine to do it.

  • If it is local credit card prepare one blank credit card voucher which should be as same type as the credit card used by guest as settlement.

  • Credit card voucher should match credit card type.

5.Type necessary materials on credit card voucher

  • Neatly and clearly type credit card number, valid date and guest name on blank credit card voucher as well as the charge which should be late charge.

  • Fill all information necessary for settlement with credit card.

Training Summary questions for Credit Card Late Charge:

Q1. Who is responsible to approve credit card late charge?

Q2. What all details need to be checked before charging the credit card?

Q3. Explain the steps for charging the credit card?

Q4. What are the materials required on credit card voucher?

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