SOP – Concierge / Bell Desk – Left Luggage procedure

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Left Luggage Procedure By The Bell Desk Staff

Purpose of Left Luggage Standard Procedure: At times guest finds it inconvenient and expensive to carry their luggage to a place where they are going for a few days. Guest are expected to check out by the hotel’s check-out time i.e. 12 noon even if their flight is in the evening and they find it too expensive to retain the room for an extra day just to keep the luggage.

Most hotels offer the left luggage room facility free of cost but some hotels do charge for it. The left luggage facility may also bring the guest to stay in your hotel on his next visit.

Left Luggage Standard Procedure:

  • Before accepting the luggage, it is checked whether the guest has settled his bill or not.
  • Check the baggage of the guest if it is properly locked or not.
  • In case the baggage is damaged then the guest must be informed and a note for the same must be made in the receipt.
  • Luggage stickers should be pasted on all luggage pieces.
  • A proper receipt must be made, signed by both guest and bell captain and handed over to the guest.
  • Enter the details in the left luggage register with the expected date the luggage will be picked up by the guest.
  • Fill in all details regarding the item on the Long Term Luggage or Storage Form.
  • Keep the luggage in the left luggage room under lock and key.
  • When the guest comes to pick up his luggage pieces from the left luggage room the following procedure is carried out.
  • The guest is requested to give the receipt.
  • In case the guest has lost the receipts then the guest is requested to sign in the left luggage register.
  • Check the receipt and bring out his luggage pieces from the left luggage room.
  • Make an entry in the left luggage register entering the date luggage pieces were delivered.
  • Stick hotel stickers for publicity.

Training Summary Questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the Left Luggage Standard Procedure?
  2. What are the steps involved in checking luggage before accepting it?
  3. What should be done if the luggage is damaged?
  4. What is the significance of pasting luggage stickers on all pieces?
  5. What information should be included in the proper receipt given to the guest?
  6. How are the details of the left luggage recorded?
  7. Where is the luggage kept, and how is it secured?
  8. What is the procedure for a guest to retrieve their luggage?
  9. What should be done if a guest has lost their receipt?
  10. How is the delivery of luggage recorded, and what is done with hotel stickers?
SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 62
Department: ConciergeBell Desk
Date Issued: 25-Aug-2019
Time to Train: 20 Minutes

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