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Lost Luggage Steps - Lost Baggage Help - Handling Lost Baggage at Hotels | Resorts - BIR (Baggage Irregularity Report) card or PIR Card (Property Irregularity Report)

SOP Concierge - Guest Lost Luggage Procedure

SOP Number: FO – 44

Department: Concierge - Lost Luggage / Lost Baggage 

Date Issued: 20-Jul-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Assisting the guest with lost luggage:

  1. The purpose of this SOP is to assist the guest in retrieving lost luggage is coordinated by the Concierge Services team.

  2. A guest who has lost his luggage on the way to the hotel for whatever reason is not only in a very uncomfortable position but may also experience his stay at the hotel in a negative manner due to his irritation about the situation.

  3. Ask guest for the BIR (Baggage Irregularity Report) card or PIR Card (Property Irregularity Report) by saying: “Mr. /Mrs. David, we can follow up with your lost luggage, may I ask for a copy of the BIR Baggage Irregularity Report and we will let you know if we hear anything from the lost luggage department at the airport"

  4. An active follow-up needs traces or internal message to be created on the hotel's property management system assigned to the concierge department.

  5. Take a scan of the BIR / PIR card into the hotel system and attach to the traces or internal message.

  6. Email a copy of the BIR or PIR card to the Airport Representative.
  7. The guest has to be kept informed either verbally or via message about the status of his lost bags.

  8. The Airport Representative will go to the Lost Luggage Dept with the BIR and claim the luggage if the same is found by the airlines.

  9. While they claim the luggage they will call the hotel to inform them of the arrival of the luggage.

  10. Concierge Services will dispatch a hotel car to the airport to collect the luggage.

  11. Send a note to the room if the time is past 2200 Hrs or Call the room and inform the guest directly if it is outside this time.

  12. In case the baggage is lost and cannot be found then assist the guest to buy any clothing or other required items by recommending shopping areas etc.

Below is an example of the lost baggage policy of airlines:

  1. The BIR report or PIR report will be followed up if the same is completed with the baggage tag number, identity card and boarding pass.

  2. As a record of the report, Baggage Service staff will issue Property Irregularity Report (PIR)/BIR form for the guest's reference and report evidence.

  3. The tracing process of missing baggage will be conducted until 14 days or 2 weeks.

  4. If the baggage is found, The Airliner will try to deliver it to your enlisted address on BIR/PIR form or the same can be collected directly from the Airport.

  5. If the baggage could not be found within 14 days, the guest's baggage will be declared as lost hence claim can be proceeded.

  6. The above is just an example of lost baggage policy, the lost baggage policy may differ from airline to airline.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Explain PIR or BIR Card?

Q3. Why is a scanned copy of the PIR or BIR added to traces?

Q4. Who is in charge of following up the lost baggage with the airlines at the airport?

Q5. How to inform the guest about the status of the lost baggage?

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