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SOP - Sales and Marketing - Signing CVGR - Company Volume Guaranteed Rate or Hotel Sales Contract

SOP - Sales and Marketing - Signing CVGR Contract or Hotel Sales Contract

SOP Procedure for Signing Contract / CVGR - Company volume guaranteed rate contract letter

SOP Number: S&M – 03

Department: Sales and Marketing – Sales

Date Issued: 23-May-2017

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Sales Contract Signing Standard procedure:

  • To negotiate with clients for contract details.

  • To prepare the contract according to standard format.

  • To fill the contract in certain order.

Ensure Below requirements are included in the Contract:

  1. CVGR letter to be printed on hotel letterhead.

  2. Letter need to be Addressed to the booker

  3. Appropriate greeting need to be used on the letter.

  4. Introduction about hotel.

  5. Hotel Features and facility.

  6. Details of proposed corporate or negotiated rate as per room category.

  7. Validity of the negotiated rate.

  8. Details of Inclusions eg: breakfast, taxes, wifi, airport pickup / drop etc.

  9. Details of addtional charges if any eg: taxes, service charge, breakfast etc.

  10. Any other facilities or offers as per the negotiated rate eg: airport pickup / drop, free spa, fruit basket, early check-in, etc.

  11. Reservations and billing guidelines.

  12. Details of credit limit if any should be mentioned on the letter.

  13. Cancellation and retention charges policies.

  14. Contact Details of Reservation, Hotel Direct number, email etc to be mentioned on the letter.

  15. Signature of Sales manager, Director of Sales (DOS) and Hotel Seal.

  16. Section for Acknowledgement by the company along with signature and stamp.

! Note: Sample format of CVGR / Company volume guaranteed rate contract.

  • The Draft Contract letter should be submitted to the Head of sales for review and approval.

  • For any special contract, Director of sales or Sales head must inform GM for approval.

  • Sales manager and Director or Sales (DOS) should sign the CVGR before sending to the booker.

  • After clients sign the contract, the hard copy must be given to Accounting and Reservation for record.

  • Scan and attach the contract letter to the correct company or travel agent profile into the Hotel Sales software / Property management system.

  • Accounting team to be informed for assigning a AR (accounts receivable) Number / BO (Back office) Number to the company profile.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of Sales Contract / CVGR Letter ?

Q2. Who is responsible to prepare the sales contract ?

Q3. What all details need to be present on the CVGR Contract letter ?

Q4. Should the company volume guaranteed rate contract letter need approval from DOS or GM ?

Q5. Explain the process of issuing and filing a sales contract letter ?

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