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Housekeeping Guest Room Cleaning Frequency Schedule

Guest Room Cleaning Frequency Schedule

This list indicates how often each items on the guest room and bathroom should be cleaned. There are items which need to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, monthly, every 6 months etc.

Housekeeping department should implement a routine cleaning cycle as part of their standard operational procedures.

Below you can find the list of common items which is cleaned or inspected by the Room attendant.

Daily Cleaning:

Cleaning Door Locks, Chains - Once 

Vacuum Clean - Once 

Mop Floors Tiles - Once 

Dust all wood works - Once 

Dust LCD TV, Set top box and DVD players - Once 

Dust Ipad and other docking Stations - Once 

Dust and Disinfectant TV, DVD Remote - Once 

Dust and Disinfectant Telephone - Once 

Wet Dust Paintings and mirrors - Once 

Replenish all Contents - Once 

Replenish all Guest Amenities - Once 

Damp-dust bathroom doors - Once

Mop Bathroom Floors - Once

Clean Bath Tub and Grab Bars - Once

Damp-dust Shower Curtain - Once

Check and Clean Bathroom Fixture - Once

Check and Clean Faucets - Once

Clean Toilet, Flush Handle and Seats - Once

Empty and Clean Sani-bins - Twice

Replenish Bathroom Amenities - Once

Every 2 Days:

Change Bed Spreads -Once 

Change Bedding - Once 

Damp-dust Bathroom Mirrors - Twice


Cleaning and checking Lights and Switches - Once 

Dust Walls - Once 

Clean and Dust AC Vents - Once 

Damp-dust the head boards - Twice

Clean dressers - Twice

Clean nightstand - Twice

Clean lamp shades, lamps and bulbs - Once 

Vacuum Clean Chairs - Twice

Vacuum Clean Sofa - Twice

Polish Picture and Mirror Frame - Twice

Dust Closet and Safe - Twice

Wet Dust Mini Bar - Twice

Polish Mirrors - Twice

Check and Clean Tissue Holders - Once


Clean Ceiling - Once 

Buff Floor Tiles - Once 

Clean Window drapes and tracks - Once 

Clean Windows - Once 

Buff Bathroom Floor Tiles - Once

Clean Shower Heads - Once

Scrub and Wash Shower Curtains - Once

Dust and Clean Exhaust Vents - Twice

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