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Daily Task list sample for Front Office Assistants - Night Shift


Emp Code / Name:___________________




23:00 – 23:30





 Attend Front Office Handover Briefing with Evening Shift and Duty Manager


 Count Cash Float and take over cash from the evening shift


 Check and log upcoming Wake-Up Calls / Airport pickup / drop Orders


 Familiarize yourself with all pending arrivals


 Check incomplete traces and messages of the day


 Control Room status (dirty, clean, inspected) and house count


 Ensure clean Public Areas


23:30– 24:00

 Handling pending arrivals


 Check Front office emails


 Check social media guest comments and promptly respond


00:00 – 01:30

 Print Rate variance report and check rate applied, statistical codes ( Market, Source etc.) for each in-house guests are correct.


 Guest Profiles (Registration card complete)


 Guest ledger Balance / Deposit due


 Room discrepancy report


01:30 – 03:00

 Point Of Sale (POS)  Audit & Closing


 Collect, check and count F&B report / cashier


 File Guest Bill / Checks


 Conduct patrol in coordination with Security


 Check Pay Master, Permanent Folios, Group masters


 Cashier Check and Closing


 Check all Folios complete


 Check Credit Cards settlements.


 Proceed settlement (batch close) on EDC machine for CC and EPS


 Check and drop cash payment


03:00 - 04:30

 Night Audit / End of Day Process 


 Pending Arrivals checked & handled?


 Credit Card settlements checked, Batch closed and All Cash counted, closed and dropped.




 Control arrivals of the day, correspondence vs. system


 Allocate room numbers to arrivals of the day


 Print Reports TBA (see backside)


 Create Reports (see backside)


04:30 – 05:00

 Rebate Travel Agent Commissions


 Audit upcoming reservations of the week (every Sunday)


 Updating Social Media Guest Comment Statistic



 Conduct round town report


 Send reports: Daily Business report (DBR), Duty Manager Log, Daily Summary, Credit Limit, No show.


 File reports


 Prepare handover


07:00 – 07:30

 Conduct handover with morning Duty Manager and Morning  Shift


07:30– 09:30

 Last follow up with the AM shift


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