Uniform Attendant Job Description

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Uniform Attendant

The job of a uniform attendant is an important one, as they are responsible for ensuring that all employees look professional and presentable in their work attire. This job requires attention to detail and the ability to work with a variety of different people.

Some of the main duties of a uniform attendant include maintaining and organizing a stock of uniforms, tracking inventory, and ordering new uniforms as needed. They may also be responsible for fitting employees with their uniforms and ensuring that they are properly sized and comfortable.

In addition to these tasks, a uniform attendant may be responsible for laundering and ironing uniforms, as well as repairing any damaged items. They must also keep track of any uniform-related expenses and work within a budget.

Overall, a successful uniform attendant is a reliable and organized individual who takes pride in their work and is committed to ensuring that all employees look their best while on the job.

The Uniform Attendant is responsible for receiving, sorting, and distributing clean uniforms to personnel according to company specifications.

They should be able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with other employees in an attentive, friendly, courteous, and service-oriented manner.

Uniform Attendant Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Inspect uniforms for damage remove substandard uniforms from circulation and issue replacements.
  •  Complete inventory of uniforms and linens as assigned.
  •  Sorts and issues uniform.
  •  Receives and issues uniform.
  •  A record of assigned and unassigned uniforms as they are distributed, returned, or cleaned.
  •  Returns unclean or dirty uniforms to laundry for rewash.
  •  Informs supervisor about any damage to uniforms.
  •  Conducts the fire control procedure.
  •  Arranging and organizing all extra uniforms
  •  Fill in the correct paperwork.
  •  Make sure that there is a sufficient supply of uniforms in stock for the new starters.
  •  To carry out any small repair work to the uniforms.
  •  Counts and records the actual amount into daily uniform record form.
  •  Assists the supervisor in monthly hotel inventory.
  •  Deeps uniform room clean.
  •  Adheres to the rules and regulations of the hotel and its department.
  •  Issues and records shoes and stocks.
  •  Assumes other duties assigned by the supervisor from time to time.
  •  Cleans and maintains uniform room equipment.
  •  Ensures that all uniform is marked with a number.
  •  Prepares uniform room form.
  •  Reports to team leader regularly about work.


  • Good health, Neat and pleasant appearance.
  •  Proactive and reliable.
  •  Able to work alone and within a team.
  •  Able to do shift work and work under pressure at times.
  •  Basic Tailor skills.
  •  Knowledge in operation of uniform and Linen room.

Position Title: Uniform Attendant

Reports To: Linen Room Supervisor


Basic High school (10 years of schooling)


Having experience in a similar position for at least 12 months with great interpersonal skills and a good level of physical fitness.

Interview Questions For Uniform Attendant Position:

When interviewing candidates for a Uniform Attendant position, it’s important to assess their organizational skills, attention to detail, and understanding of uniform management in a hospitality or similar setting. Here are some interview questions and salary details:

  1. Can you discuss your previous experience in managing and maintaining uniforms in a hospitality or similar environment?
    • Look for candidates with relevant experience in uniform management, laundry operations, or a similar field.
  2. How do you ensure that the uniforms are properly cleaned, pressed, and presented to meet the standards of the establishment?
    • Assess the candidate’s attention to detail and commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and presentation.
  3. What strategies do you use to keep accurate records of uniform inventory, including tracking issuance, returns, and replacements?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s organizational skills and their approach to managing uniform inventory.
  4. How do you handle special requests or alterations to uniforms to accommodate individual preferences or needs?
    • Assess the candidate’s customer service skills and their ability to accommodate specific requests from staff members.
  5. Can you share an example of a time when you had to address an issue or complaint related to uniforms, and how did you handle it?
    • Look for candidates who can demonstrate problem-solving skills and the ability to handle challenges related to uniform management.
  6. What measures do you take to ensure the security and confidentiality of uniform-related information, such as sizes and preferences of individual staff members?
    • Assess the candidate’s understanding of the importance of confidentiality in handling uniform-related data.
  7. How do you coordinate with other departments, such as housekeeping or human resources, to ensure seamless uniform management across the entire establishment?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s communication and collaboration skills, especially in a team-oriented environment.

Salary Details For Uniform Attendant Position:

The salary for a Uniform Attendant can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the size of the establishment. As of January 2023, the salary range for this position in the United States was approximately $25,000 to $40,000 per year. However, salary figures may have changed, so it’s recommended to consult recent industry salary surveys or HR professionals for the most up-to-date information in your specific region or industry. Keep in mind that salaries may also vary depending on the specific responsibilities and requirements of the position.

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