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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Seamstress Job Description

A seamstress in housekeeping is a skilled professional who is responsible for making and mending clothing, linens, and other textiles used in a household. Their job description includes measuring, cutting, sewing, and repairing garments and other fabrics. They may also be responsible for maintaining and organizing the household’s textile inventory and ensuring that it is well-stocked and in good condition.

In addition to their technical skills, a seamstress in housekeeping must possess excellent communication skills, as they will often be working with other members of the household staff to coordinate their work. They must also be able to work independently and manage their time effectively, as they may be responsible for multiple tasks at once.

Overall, a seamstress in housekeeping plays an important role in maintaining the appearance and functionality of a household’s textiles, ensuring that they are always in good repair and ready for use. Their work is essential to the smooth operation of any household, and they are valued members of the staff team.

The Seamstress is responsible for mending and altering material items used in the hotel, uniform, linen, and guest clothing. They should be able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with other employees in an attentive, friendly, courteous, and service-oriented manner.

Seamstress’s Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attends morning briefings and receives instructions for the day from the Housekeeping Supervisor and Laundry Supervisor.
  • Meets or accedes to guest`s mending expectations.
  • Altering material items.
  • Ensure all sewing supplies required are available at all times.
  • To report any malfunction of equipment to the Engineering department and to coordinate to get external support as required for tailoring machines and embroidery machine
  • To assist with the linen and valet room when needed.
  • Assists uniform room Attendants in sorting out linen and uniforms according to repairs to be done.
  • To assist in arranging uniforms for colleagues who are attending cross-training.
  • Laundry Manager / Asst. Manager is to be informed of any damages or missing items in the tailoring room.
  • To operate the embroidery machine as per set instructions and to maintain the machine in good order.
  • To assist and record test wash linen and to forward the report to the Laundry Manager.
  • To execute simple tailoring jobs as per guest’s requests.
  • To establish clear communication with guests relating to the required tailoring service.
  • Coordinate with laundry valet for billing requirements of tailoring requests of guest rooms.
  • To carry out a minor repair on room and F&B linen to prolong the life of linen.
  • Check the swing machine/clean it and your area.
  • Check the log Book for alteration requests.
  • Checks all the staff uniform if any are damaged or button to be changed
  • Performs timely repairs on all items of uniform, linen, and upholstery.
  • Measures to make or alter uniforms for new employees
  • Tailor’s new uniforms, items of linen, and upholstery.
  • Ensures that all linen and uniforms are repaired before being issued to user departments.
  • Assist the supervisor in monthly hotel uniform inventory.
  • Cleans and maintains uniform room equipment.
  • Assumes other duties assigned by the supervisor.
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the hotel and its department.
  • Ends neatly, holes or tears in staff uniform, replace the buckles, and zippers as required.
  • Mends bed skirting and curtains of guest rooms.
  • Inspects mending material.

Position Title: Seamstress

Reports To: Linen Room Supervisor 


  • Good health, Neat and pleasant appearance.
  • Knowledge and Skills in altering and all kinds of sewing works
  • Basic written and spoken English communication
  • Knowledge in operation of uniform and Linen room.


  • Basic High school (10 years of schooling)


  • Two to three years experience in cutting and stitching.

Interview Questions For a Seamstress Position:

When interviewing candidates for a Seamstress position, it’s important to assess their sewing skills, attention to detail, and experience in garment construction or alteration. Here are some interview questions and salary details:

  1. Can you discuss your background and experience as a seamstress, including any formal training or relevant work experience?
    • Look for candidates with a solid foundation in sewing and garment construction.
  2. What types of garments or projects are you most experienced in, and do you have specific expertise in alterations or custom creations?
    • Assess the candidate’s specialization and expertise in areas relevant to your needs.
  3. How do you ensure precision and attention to detail in your sewing work, especially when handling delicate fabrics or intricate designs?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s focus on quality and precision in their sewing projects.
  4. Can you provide examples of challenging sewing projects you’ve successfully completed, including any alterations or custom designs?
    • Look for candidates who can showcase their problem-solving skills and creativity in sewing.
  5. How do you handle multiple sewing projects simultaneously, and what strategies do you use to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines?
    • Assess the candidate’s organizational and time management skills, especially in a fast-paced environment.
  6. Are you familiar with using different types of sewing machines and equipment, and can you describe your proficiency with them?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s technical skills and their familiarity with various tools used in sewing.
  7. How do you communicate with clients to understand their preferences and ensure that alterations or custom creations meet their expectations?
    • Assess the candidate’s customer service and communication skills, especially in a client-facing role.

Salary Details For a Seamstress:

The salary for a Seamstress can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the type of establishment. As of January 2023, the salary range for a Seamstress in the United States was approximately $25,000 to $45,000 per year. However, salary figures may have changed, so it’s recommended to consult recent industry salary surveys or HR professionals for the most up-to-date information in your specific region or industry. Keep in mind that salaries may also vary depending on the specific skills and qualifications of the candidate and the complexity of the sewing work involved.

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