General Manager / Hotel Manager Job Description

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary For Hotel General Manager

A General Manager or Hotel Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a hotel or resort property. This can include managing staff, overseeing finances, ensuring guest satisfaction, and maintaining the overall appearance and functionality of the property.

Some key responsibilities of a General Manager or Hotel Manager may include creating budgets, forecasting revenue, and managing expenses. They are also responsible for hiring and training staff, as well as scheduling and overseeing their work.

In addition to managing staff and finances, a General Manager or Hotel Manager must also prioritize guest satisfaction. This can include responding to guest complaints, ensuring that rooms and common areas are clean and well-maintained, and making sure that guests have access to all necessary amenities and services.

Overall, a General Manager or Hotel Manager must be a skilled leader with strong communication and organizational skills, as well as the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively. They must also have a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and a commitment to providing excellent service to guests.

The General manager is responsible for all aspects of operations at the hotel, to day-to-day staff management and guests. They should be an ambassador for the brand and your hotel. Provide leadership and strategic planning to all departments in support of our service culture, maximized operations, and guest satisfaction. Work Very closely with the hotel owners and other stakeholders.

Responsible for managing the hotel management team (HODs) and overall hotel targets to deliver an excellent Guest experience. A General Manager would also be required to manage between profitability and guest satisfaction measures.


  • Oversee the operations functions of the hotel, as per the Organizational chart.
  •  Hold regular briefings and meetings with all heads of departments.
  •  Ensure full compliance with Hotel operating controls, SOPs, policies, procedures, and service standards.
  •  Lead all key property issues including capital projects, customer service, and refurbishment.
  •  Handling complaints, and overseeing the service recovery procedures.
  •  Responsible for the preparation, presentation, and subsequent achievement of the hotel’s annual Operating Budget, Marketing, and sales Plan and Capital Budget.
  •  Manage the ongoing profitability of the hotel, ensuring revenue and guest satisfaction targets are met and exceeded.
  •  Ensure all decisions are made in the best interest of the hotels and management.
  •  Deliver hotel budget goals and set other short and long-term strategic goals for the property.
  •  Developing improvement actions, and carrying out cost savings.
  •  A strong understanding of P&L statements and the ability to react with impactful strategies
  •  Closely monitor the hotel’s business reports daily and make decisions accordingly. 
  •  Ensure that monthly financial outlooks for Rooms, Food & Beverage, Admin & General, are on target and accurate.
  •  Maximizing room yield and hotel/resort revenue through innovative sales practices and yield management programs.
  •  Prepare a monthly financial report for the owners and stakeholders.
  •  Draw up plans and budgets (revenues, costs, etc.) for the owners.
  •  Helping in the procurement of operating supplies and equipment, and contracting with third-party vendors for essential equipment and services.
  •  Act as a final decision maker in hiring a key staff.
  •  Coordination with HOD’s for the execution of all activities and functions.
  •  Overseeing and managing all departments and working closely with department heads daily.
  •  Manage and develop the Hotel Executive team to ensure career progression and development.
  •  Be accountable for the responsibilities of department heads and take ownership of all guest complaints.
  •  Provide effective leadership to hotel team members.
  •  Lead in all aspects of business planning.
  •  Respond to audits to ensure continual improvement is achieved.
  •  Corporate client handling and taking part in new client acquisition along with the sales team whenever required.
  •  Assisting in residential sales as and when required and developing strong sales prospects.
  •  Responsible for safeguarding the quality of operations both (internal & external audits).
  •  Responsible for legalization, Occupational Health & Safety Act, fire regulations, and other legal requirements.

POSITION TITLE: General Manager / Hotel Manager

REPORTS TO: Managing Director / Area General Manager / Owner


The ideal candidate is a seasoned and highly intelligent hotel professional with outstanding, management skills and extensive hands-on experience. Available to work when needed, including weekends, holidays, and nights.


A university degree in hotel management or a related field with Experience in opening, managing, or re-positioning a hotel with a clear track record. Excellent computer system skills.


At least 15 to 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with significant luxury and international experience, ideally including experience in remote locations. And 5 to 10 years of experience as a General Manager or Asst. General Manager.

Interview Questions For The Hotel General Manager position:

When interviewing candidates for a Hotel General Manager position, it’s crucial to assess their leadership skills, operational expertise, and overall management experience within the hotel industry. Here are some interview questions you might consider:

Leadership and Management:

  1. Can you describe your experience as a General Manager in the hotel industry?
    • Look for candidates with a proven track record of successful hotel management.
  2. How do you motivate and lead a diverse team in a hotel setting to achieve high levels of guest satisfaction and operational excellence?
    • Assess their leadership style and ability to inspire and guide a team.
  3. What strategies do you employ to ensure efficient operations and a positive work culture within the hotel?
    • Evaluate their management philosophy and approach to organizational culture.

Guest Satisfaction and Service Excellence:

  1. How do you prioritize and enhance the guest experience to ensure high levels of satisfaction and repeat business?
    • Assess their commitment to customer service and creating a positive guest environment.
  2. Can you provide an example of a time when you successfully resolved a challenging guest situation, turning it into a positive experience?
    • Evaluate their problem-solving skills and ability to handle guest concerns.

Financial Management:

  1. How do you approach budgeting, financial planning, and cost control in a hotel setting?
    • Assess their financial acumen and ability to manage budgets effectively.
  2. What strategies do you implement to optimize revenue, increase profitability, and drive overall financial success for the hotel?
    • Evaluate their understanding of revenue management and business development.

Sales and Marketing:

  1. How do you contribute to the hotel’s sales and marketing efforts to attract new guests and maintain a strong market presence?
    • Assess their understanding of marketing strategies and initiatives.

Crisis Management:

  1. Can you share an example of a challenging situation or crisis you faced as a General Manager, and how you handled it?
    • Evaluate their crisis management skills and ability to navigate unforeseen challenges.

Quality Standards and Brand Compliance:

  1. How do you ensure that the hotel maintains high-quality standards and complies with brand requirements (if applicable)?
    • Assess their commitment to maintaining brand integrity and quality assurance.

Community Engagement and Local Partnerships:

  1. How do you engage with the local community and establish partnerships to enhance the hotel’s presence and relationships in the area?
    • Assess their community involvement and networking skills.

Salary Information For Hotel General Manager Position:

Salaries for Hotel General Managers can vary widely based on factors such as location, hotel size, brand reputation, and the individual’s level of experience. As of January 2024, the average annual salary for Hotel General Managers in the United States ranged from $80,000 to $150,000 or more, depending on the specific circumstances.

However, salaries can vary, and it’s advisable to check the latest salary data from reliable sources for the most current information. Keep in mind that specific industries or regions may have different salary ranges, so research based on the relevant context.

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