Chief Kitchen Steward / Asst. Stewarding Manager Job Description

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Chief Kitchen Steward 

The position of Chief Kitchen Steward / Asst. Stewarding Manager is an important one within the hospitality industry. This job requires someone who is detail-oriented, organized, and able to manage a team of individuals. The Chief Kitchen Steward / Asst. Stewarding Manager is responsible for overseeing the cleanliness and maintenance of the kitchen, as well as managing the stewarding team.

The main responsibilities of this position include managing the inventory of kitchen supplies, ensuring that all equipment is functioning properly, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness within the kitchen. Additionally, the Chief Kitchen Steward / Asst. The Stewarding Manager is responsible for managing a team of stewards, assigning tasks and ensuring that all tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

To be successful in this role, the Chief Kitchen Steward / Asst. Stewarding Manager must possess strong leadership skills, be able to multitask and have excellent communication skills. They must also have a strong understanding of health and safety regulations within the kitchen environment.

Overall, the Chief Kitchen Steward / Asst. The Stewarding Manager plays a critical role in maintaining a clean and efficient kitchen environment and is an important member of any hospitality team.

He / She is responsible for assisting the stewarding manager in enforcing the highest possible cleanliness and hygiene standards in all food processing facilities, as well as the operating equipment. Main responsibilities include dish room operations, night cleaning, back area cleaning and equipment maintenance, banquet plating, and food running.

Chief Kitchen Steward / Asst. Stewarding Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the duties of all stewarding department employees, facilities, operations, and costs.
  • Supervise the sanitation, cleanliness, hygiene as well as the quality level of products and services.
  • Ensure Back of House areas are maintained to the highest cleanliness standards and cleaning schedules are followed and completed.
  • Direct and assist Stewards to make clean-up more efficient. 
  • Ensure water temperature and chemical levels are appropriate for cleaning and documented. 
  • Assist with Banquet plate-ups and buffets by transporting and ensuring adequate stock.
  • Assist Chefs and kitchen staff with various tasks as needed.
  • Check more specifically the proper use of chemicals and washing accessories.
  • Coordinate with the Stewarding Manager in establishing minimum and maximum operating par stocks and supplies and approve storeroom requisition.
  • Coordinate with the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager and Outlet Managers to check their requirements for the day and the next day.
  • Assist in the location, movement, and storage of banquet operational equipment.
  • Assist in the stock take of equipment and other items as required.
  • Work closely with the Chef, Banquets, and catering Manager to anticipate guest needs.
  • Work with all departments to ensure items that are required for service are available when needed.
  • Take all necessary actions to reduce the loss of silverware/flatware.
  • Take all necessary actions to reduce the breakage of China and Glasswares.
  • Supervises employee’s ability to follow loss prevention policies to prevent accidents and control costs.
  • Enforces proper cleaning routines for service ware, equipment, floors, etc.
  • Enforces proper use and cleaning of all dishroom machinery.
  • Ensures all food holding and transport equipment is in working order.
  • Ensures compliance with food handling and sanitation standards.
  • Ensuring Stewarding staff have supplies, equipment, tools, and uniforms necessary to do their jobs.
  • Prepare monthly reports on shortages in china silverware and equipment and requisition replacements as required while following budget guidelines.
  • Lead and manage the Stewarding team in all aspects of the department and ensure standards are followed.
  • Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ensures disciplinary procedures and documentation are completed according to Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Achieves and exceeds goals including performance goals, budget goals, team goals, etc.
  • Celebrates successes by publicly recognizing the contributions of team members.
  • Encourages and builds mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members.
  • Serves as a role model for the stewarding teams to demonstrate appropriate behaviours.
  • Carry out any other reasonable task set by the Hotel’s Management.

POSITION TITLE: Chief Steward / Asst. Stewarding Manager

REPORTS TO: Executive Chef and F&B Manager


The ideal candidate will be a friendly, respectful individual with good cross-cultural sensitivity a concern for quality, and an eye for details. You will work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment and enjoy working with a multicultural team while possessing the following additional competencies:


You should ideally have a 1 or 2-year diploma in hospitality with previous experiences in the Stewarding Department within a hotel. Excellent written and verbal English communication skills, along with strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities are essential. Computer knowledge of Microsoft Office applications is required.


Interview Questions For Chief Kitchen Steward or Assistant Stewarding Manager Position:

When interviewing candidates for a Chief Kitchen Steward or Assistant Stewarding Manager position, it’s important to assess their leadership skills, experience in kitchen stewarding, and understanding of sanitation and hygiene practices. Here are some interview questions you might consider:

Leadership and Management:

  1. Can you describe your experience in kitchen stewarding or a related role, particularly in a leadership capacity?
    • Look for candidates with relevant experience in managing kitchen stewarding operations.
  2. How do you motivate and lead your stewarding team to ensure efficient operations in the kitchen?
    • Assess their leadership style and ability to manage and inspire a team.
  3. What strategies do you use to ensure that the kitchen stewarding team collaborates effectively with other departments, such as the culinary team and service staff?
    • Evaluate their ability to foster collaboration in a dynamic kitchen environment.

Sanitation and Safety:

  1. How do you ensure that sanitation and hygiene standards are consistently maintained in the kitchen and dishwashing areas?
    • Assess their knowledge of health and safety regulations and their commitment to cleanliness.
  2. Can you share an example of a time when you implemented changes to improve sanitation practices in the kitchen stewarding department?
    • Evaluate their problem-solving skills and initiative to enhance operational efficiency.

Inventory and Equipment Management:

  1. How do you manage inventory and supplies for the kitchen stewarding department, and what steps do you take to prevent shortages or wastage?
    • Assess their organizational and inventory management skills.
  2. How do you ensure that kitchen stewarding equipment is properly maintained, and what measures do you take to address equipment breakdowns promptly?
    • Evaluate their attention to equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.

Training and Development:

  1. How do you train new kitchen stewarding staff, and what ongoing training initiatives do you implement to enhance their skills and knowledge?
    • Assess their commitment to staff development and training.

Waste Management and Sustainability:

  1. What measures do you take to manage kitchen waste efficiently, and how do you contribute to sustainability efforts in the kitchen stewarding department?
    • Evaluate their awareness of environmental sustainability practices.

Problem Solving:

  1. Can you provide an example of a challenging situation you encountered in the kitchen stewarding department and how you resolved it?
    • Assess their problem-solving skills and ability to handle unexpected challenges.

Salary Information For Chief Kitchen Steward or Assistant Stewarding Manager position:

Salaries for Chief Kitchen Stewards or Assistant Stewarding Managers can vary based on factors such as location, hotel size, and level of experience. As of my last knowledge update in January 2024, the average annual salary for individuals in stewarding management roles in the United States ranged from $40,000 to $70,000 or more, depending on the specific circumstances.

However, salaries can vary, and it’s advisable to check the latest salary data from reliable sources for the most current information. Keep in mind that specific industries or regions may have different salary ranges, so research based on the relevant context.

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