29 Duties And Responsibility Of Shift Engineer / Shift Technician

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Shift Engineer in Hotels

As a Shift Engineer in a hotel, you will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of all mechanical and electrical systems within the hotel. This includes the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical wiring, lighting, and any other systems that may be in place.

Your primary duties will include performing routine maintenance and repairs on all equipment, as well as troubleshooting any issues that arise. You will be expected to work closely with other members of the maintenance team, as well as with hotel management and staff to ensure that any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

In addition to your technical duties, you will also be responsible for maintaining a safe and clean work environment. This includes adhering to all safety protocols and procedures, as well as maintaining a high level of cleanliness and organization in all work areas.

As a Shift Engineer or Shift Technician, they are responsible for supporting the whole engineering team and ensuring that the engineering and maintenance operations within the hotel, including general property maintenance, are working properly and up to the hotel’s operating standards.

You are also responsible for keeping all equipment in good repair and providing day-to-day maintenance support to the hotel. Additionally, work towards and support the improvement of engineering service to guests, other departments, and colleagues.

Shift Engineer Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Complete maintenance work orders from all departments on a timely basis by following the hotel’s standard operating procedures.
  2. Perform day-to-day routine and preventative maintenance within the hotel rooms and public areas.
  3. Respond promptly and efficiently to any maintenance calls that arise either by the guest or other departments.
  4. Respond courteously to guest requests promptly and resolve matters to the guest’s satisfaction.
  5. Able to prioritize the maintenance issues e.g.: to attend to the breakdown of plant and machinery on priority.
  6. Perform maintenance activities in the guest rooms and public areas including electrical equipment, plumbing, and Air conditioning
  7. Program TVs and perform general housekeeping and engineering-related inventory duties.
  8. Test, troubleshoot, and perform basic repairs on all types of equipment.
  9. To monitor fire Alarm / Life Safety System systems as necessary, to be fully informed of the system operation, and to handle emergencies involving the systems.
  10. Understand and operate electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, and water systems.
  11. Communicate with different departments and provide them with information and assistance.
  12. Check for new maintenance requests e.g.: OOO – Out of Service and OOO – Out of Order from the PMS (Property Management System) and update remarks once the task is completed.
  13. Able to use your wits and technical abilities to solve problems and make repairs effectively and efficiently.
  14. Able to maintain a daily logbook of work done during the shift.
  15. Able to delegate duties to the Engineering supervisors, Ken fix-it, and other technicians.
  16. Able to take charge of a shift of eight to nine working hours (Morning, Afternoon, Night, or Break Shift).
  17. Able to complete the daily checklist before handing over the shift.
  18. Able to look after the smooth functioning of all machinery and equipment.
  19. Able to give proper handover to the next shift and also take regular briefings of the shift staff.
  20. Enter all guest complaints and back-of-the-house complaints as soon as they are received at the engineering control desk log book.
  21.  Execute the preventative maintenance schedule and ensure all equipment and designated areas are maintained to the required standard.
  22. Inform Asst. Manager Engineer of recurring complaints so that general shift staff can rectify the problems permanently.
  23. Responsible for making decisions when the engineering chief and Assistant manager are not available.
  24. Maintain all tools, equipment, and working areas in good condition.
  25. Maintain the engineering working area and control desk in good condition always.
  26. Maintain maintenance inventory and requisition parts and supplies as needed.
  27. Train and instruct other members of the staff through the sharing of knowledge and skills.
  28. Attend all firefighting classes and obtain a thorough knowledge of firefighting appliances.
  29. Perform any other job assigned by the management as and when required.
  30. Position Title: Shift Engineer / Shift Technician
  31. Reports To: Chief Engineer / Asst. Manager Engineering


  • A passion for delivering great customer service.
  • Excellent guest relations and communication skills are required.
  • Ability to read and understand test equipment, measuring devices, and safety manuals.
  • Ability to work without close supervision and within established time frames.
  • Demonstrable electrical experience and current working knowledge of general maintenance and engineering work
  • Experience in general trades such as light plumbing, minor electrical, painting & drywall, and general repairs required.


A high school diploma with technical or vocational schooling. Basic computer skills and MS product suites, previous experience in working with maintenance software, PMS – Property management systems, etc. added advantage.


2 – 5 Years as a Maintenance Mechanic or Ken Fix-it in a hospitality environment. Additional working experience in preventive maintenance, minor electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.

Interview Questions for a Shift Engineer Position in Hotels:

  1. Can you describe your experience in hotel maintenance and engineering roles, highlighting any specific systems or equipment you have worked with?
    • This question assesses the candidate’s relevant experience and familiarity with hotel maintenance.
  2. How do you prioritize and handle maintenance requests during your shift, especially when dealing with urgent issues or guest-related concerns?
    • Evaluates the candidate’s organizational and problem-solving skills in managing maintenance tasks.
  3. Can you share an example of a challenging maintenance issue you successfully resolved in a hotel, and the steps you took to address it?
    • This behavioral question assesses the candidate’s practical experience and problem-solving abilities.
  4. How do you ensure the proper functioning of critical hotel systems, such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for guests?
    • Assesses the candidate’s knowledge of key hotel systems and their commitment to guest satisfaction.
  5. Have you worked with preventive maintenance programs, and how do you contribute to the overall maintenance strategy for the hotel?
    • This question evaluates the candidate’s approach to preventive maintenance and their contribution to strategic planning.
  6. What measures do you take to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards in hotel engineering, and how do you promote a culture of safety among your team?
    • Assesses the candidate’s commitment to safety and their leadership in promoting a safe work environment.
  7. How do you handle coordination with other hotel departments, especially during shift changes, to ensure a seamless transfer of maintenance responsibilities?
    • This question evaluates the candidate’s teamwork and communication skills in a hotel setting.
  8. What technology or systems have you used for maintenance tracking or reporting, and how do you leverage technology to enhance operational efficiency in hotel engineering?
    • Knowledge of relevant technology is important. This question helps gauge the candidate’s technical proficiency.

Salary for a Shift Engineer Position in Hotels:

The salary for a Shift Engineer in hotels can vary based on factors such as location, the size and prestige of the hotel, and the candidate’s level of experience. As of January 2024, the average salary for a Shift Engineer in the United States ranged from $45,000 to $60,000 annually.

It’s important to note that salary ranges can change, and it’s advisable to research current salary trends using industry reports, salary surveys, and job boards specific to your region and the hospitality sector. Additionally, consulting with local HR professionals or recruitment agencies can provide insights into the current compensation landscape for Shift Engineer positions in hotels.

To be successful in this role, you will need to have a strong technical background, as well as excellent problem-solving and communication skills. You should also be able to work independently and as part of a team, and be willing to work flexible hours as needed.
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