Building Telephone Skills For Hotel Staff

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How to Build Telephone Skills for Telephone Operators?

In the hospitality industry, communication is key. One of the most important communication tools for hotel staff is the telephone. It is essential that hotel employees have excellent telephone skills to provide guests with exceptional service.

To build telephone skills for hotel staff, it is important to provide them with proper training. This includes teaching them how to answer the phone professionally, with a warm and friendly tone. They should also be trained on how to handle difficult guests and situations, such as complaints or requests for information.

Another important aspect of telephone skills training is teaching staff how to navigate through phone systems and transfer calls efficiently. This can greatly improve the guest experience, as they will not be left on hold for extended periods of time or transferred to the wrong department.

In addition to training, it is important to provide hotel staff with the necessary tools for effective communication over the phone. This includes ensuring that all phones are in good working condition and that staff have access to important information, such as hotel policies and procedures.

During any telephone conversation, The Hotel staff should follow the below key points:

  • Smile even though you are on the telephone. When you smile, you automatically improve your vocal quality, and you will also sound pleasant and interested.
  •  Sit or stand up straight. By sitting or standing up straight, you’ll be more alert and pay better attention to what is being said.
  •  Use a low voice pitch. A lower voice pitch will make you sound more mature and authoritative.
  •  Match your speaking rate to the caller’s. Let the caller set the tempo of the conversation. For Example, the caller may be in a hurry, In that case, you should provide information more quickly.
  •  Avoid extremes in volume. If you speak too loudly, you may sound rude or pushy. If you speak too softly, you may sound timid or uncertain.
  •  Avoid expressions such as “uh-huh” and “yeah.” Such expressions make the speaker sound dull, indifferent, and uninterested.

Front office staff often take phone messages for other employees or guests. most front offices have a standard telephone message form.

If you answer the phone, you must listen carefully and take accurate written notes while speaking with the caller. When you take a telephone message, be sure to get the following information:

  • Date
  • Time of the call
  • Name of the person being called
  • Callers’ full name
  • Callers’ department ( if the call is internal)
  • Caller’s company
  • Caller’s time zone ( only if an overseas call)
  • Caller’s Telephone number ( and area code, if needed)
  • Message ( do not abbreviate- provide a full message)
Regardless of whom you talk with over the telephone, you must make a positive impression.

By focusing on building telephone skills for hotel staff, hotels can provide excellent service to their guests and create a positive reputation in the hospitality industry.

Answering the telephone is an opportunity for telephone operators / front desk agents/hotel staff to portray a professional image as well as a positive image of the hotel.
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Since 2011 Setupmyhotel has been helping hundreds of hoteliers around the world. Support Setupmyhotel by becoming our Patron!

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