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How to define Hotel Missions and Goals

The mission and goals of a hotel are crucial in defining the direction and purpose of the establishment. The mission statement should communicate the values and vision of the hotel to guests and employees alike. It should outline the purpose of the hotel and what it aims to achieve in terms of service, experience, and overall guest satisfaction.

The goals of a hotel should align with its mission statement. They should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Common goals for hotels include improving guest experience, increasing occupancy rates, enhancing staff training and development, and increasing revenue and profitability.

Hotel Organizational Missions: 

Every organization has a reason or purpose to exist. This forms the basis for the organization’s Mission statement. An organization’s mission can be expressed in a mission statement, which defines the unique purpose that sets one hotel apart from another.

From the mission statement hotel employees should be able to derive a sense of purpose and direction from hotel policies.

For Example, a hotel’s mission may be to provide the finest facilities and services in the market while providing a good place to work for its employees and a reasonable return for the investments by its owners.

The Hotel’s mission statement should address the following three main constitutes:

  • Guests
  •  Hotel Management
  •  Employees


The mission statement should address the basic needs and expectations of their guests. We can assume that all guests will have the basic expectations:

  1. Safety and security of the hotel.
  2.  Clean, comfortable rooms and public areas.
  3.  Professional and friendly staff.
  4.  Well-maintained facilities and equipment.
  5.  Service.

Hotel Management :

The hotel’s mission statement should reflect its management philosophy. Since styles of operation differ, mission statements will vary from property to property. A mission statement guides managers in their jobs by identifying the hotel’s basic values. Above all the hotel’s mission is one of the principal means, it uses to distinguish itself from other hotels.

Employees :

The mission statement should help the hotel employees meet or exceed the expectations of both guests and management. A mission statement can also serve as a basis for job descriptions and performance standards and as an introduction to the property for new employees. This should also appear in the employee’s handbooks and training manuals along with the job description.

Example of a Hotel Mission Statement:

“The mission of our hotel is to provide outstanding lodging facilities and services to our guests. Our hotel focuses on individual business and leisure travel, as well as travel associated with group meetings. we emphasize high-quality standards in our rooms and food and beverage divisions. We provide a fair return on investment for our owners and recognize that this cannot be done without well-trained, motivated, and enthusiastic employees.”

Goals: Goals are those activities and standards an organization must successfully perform or achieve to effectively carry out its missions. A Goal is more specific than a mission; it requires a certain level of achievement that can be observed and measured.

Measurable goals encourage hotel employees to perform effectively while enabling management to monitor employee progress. Management can determine whether goals are being achieved or whether corrective action is necessary.

 Examples of measurable front office goals:

  • Increase the hotel’s average occupancy level by two per cent above the previous year’s level.
  •  Increase the volume of repeat guest business by 10 per cent.
  •  Collect GSTS cards from 95 per cent of all guests while checkout.
  •  Reduce Check-in and check-out times by two minutes.
Overall, a hotel's mission and goals should reflect its commitment to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for guests. By setting clear objectives and working towards them, hotels can ensure that they are constantly improving and delivering on their promises to guests.
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