SOP – Housekeeping – Handling Guest Room Found Open

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What to do when the Guest Room Is Found Open?

The purpose of this policy is to protect the hotel’s interest by preventing unpredictable cases from happening in the situation when the guest room’s main door is found open and no guest is inside.

The responsibility of handling such important issues is not only laid with the Executive Housekeeper but also with the Resident Manager Security Manager and other HODs as per the management policy.  

Standard procedures to follow when an occupied guest room is found open:

  • Housekeeping staff should inform the EHK or Manager on Duty (MOD) immediately once the guestroom door is found open while nobody is inside.
  •  The room should be isolated and nobody should enter the room nor touch any item inside.
  •  EHK, MOD, Security Supervisor, and the Floor Supervisor should proceed to the spot and inspect the room together then retrieve the lockset/key card log/event and look to see if there is anything unusual.
  •  The room should be double-locked afterworlds. Front Desk and Room Attendance should be advised to inform the Manager On Duty (MOD) when the guest comes back.
  •  The Duty Manager should proceed to the room together with the duty Security Supervisor when acknowledging that the guest is back.
  •  The Manager should release the double lock for the guest and a careful explanation should be extended, by saying: “Mr. [Guest Name], your room was found left open while you were out, we locked it for you immediately after noticing it. Please check and let us know if everything is alright inside.”
  •  Arrange a room attendant to clean up the room if agreed by the guest.
  •  For any loss claim made by the guest the same needs to be handled as per the hotel’s SOP for “Lost and Found”.
  •  During the night patrol, the door that is found left open should be closed by the Night Manager/MOD and Security Supervisor.
  •  A “Door Found Open” slip should be placed into the guest’s room to advise of the situation.
  •  Such type of incident needs to be recorded without fail in the ‘Incident Report‘.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Who is responsible to take action if a guest room door is found open?

Q2. What needs to be done after releasing the double lock to the guest?

Q3. If such incidents happen during night patrol/rounds who all are in charge of taking action?
SOP Number: Housekeeping SOP - 13 
Department: Housekeeping – Guest Rooms
Date Issued: 08-Aug-2019
Time to Train: 20 Minutes
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