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Guest Laundry Collection

The purpose of this policy is to pick up the laundry within five minutes after receiving the guest call and also record each guest call in the callbook as per the hotel’s quality records.

Standard procedures for Guest Laundry Collection:

  • Record each guest laundry collection call in the Housekeeping control book.
  •  The initials of the valet going for collecting laundry to put against that call in the valet call register.
  •  The laundry valet has to write down the room numbers on his valet collection and delivery card. Also, the staff should carry a laundry collecting bag for pick-up service.
  • The collection bag is left in the floor pantry.
  •  Be sure the room number is correct and there is no DND sign hanging out before knocking on the door. Knock on the door gently and self-introduce as Laundry Service. Wish the guest as per the time of day and ask if they require anything to be laundered.
  •  Address the guest by the time of the day “Good morning, good afternoon sir/madam”, May I pick up your laundry?
  •  Get a laundry/ dry-clean list for the guest to fill in if a guest has not done so as yet.
  •  Be sure the room number is correctly and properly written down, if the guest has forgotten to write the room number on the Laundry/Dry cleaning list, the valet must put it down correctly before leaving the room.
  •  Remind the guest to empty all pockets at the time of laundry collection.
  •  Look for any visible damages or stains at the time of collecting the laundry.
  •  Put all soiled laundry and dry clean separately into different laundry bags with each slip attached.
  •  Any special instructions given by the guest are also noted on the laundry/ dry-clean list and on the Blackboard.
  •  Ask the guest courteously when the laundry is required to be ready and returned and record the same in the Laundry/Dry cleaning list.
  •  Leave the room wishing the guest a pleasant stay before closing the guest room.

Laundry Training Summary questions:

Q1. What needs to be done in case there is a DND sign hanging out of the guest room?

Q2. What details are to be updated in the guest laundry list?

Q3. How to handle any special instructions while picking up guest laundry?
SOP Number: Housekeeping SOP - 33 
Department: Housekeeping – Laundry
Date Issued: 10-Apr-2021
Time to Train: 20 Minutes
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