SOP – Housekeeping – Babysitting Service

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Procedure For Housekeeping Babysitting Service

Purpose: As per the management policy the Hotel should arrange for the babysitter who has a license or any hotel staff who has been trained in child care service to provide such service to the guest. 

This SOP shall ensure that babysitting service is available and all relevant details are informed to the customer.

Procedure For Babysitting Services:

When a request for babysitting service is received from the guest the Housekeeping staff should note down below details on the ‘Babysitting Request Form’:

  • Room number
  •  Guest Name
  •  Duration of babysitting service
  •  How many babies/children are to be taken care of?
  •  The child’s/children’s name and age.
  •  Confirm the charges to the guest.
  •  Child’s likes and dislikes
  •  Emergency contact number from the guest.
  •  If the babysitting service is to be arranged from outside then liaise with the service provider (outsource company) to confirm the charges and booking.
  •  Explain the charges to the guest and confirm how the charges will be made. The guest can pay cash to the babysitter directly or charge it to the room account through a cash voucher right after the service.
  •  Reconfirm the booking with the service provider (outsource company) once again.
  •  Prepare the babysitter disclaimer letter for the guest and the Executive Housekeeper’s approval.
  •  The babysitter should arrive 15 minutes before the booking time, and be escorted by the HK supervisor / Duty Manager to the guest room.
  •  Introduce the babysitter to the guest.
  •  Return the babysitter disclaimer letter with the guest’s signature to the Housekeeping office.

The babysitter should take care of the below:

  • Should not allow the baby/child to play with electrical appliances, water taps, matches, or guest belongings except toys.
  •  Should not carry the baby outside the guest room unless emergency.
  •  Should report to the Housekeeping Manager or Duty Manager in case of injury or illness to the baby.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of the babysitting service?

Q2. What details are to be noted down on the babysitting form?

Q3. Why it is required to explain the charges to the guest?

Q4. Who should escort the babysitter to the guest room?

Q5. What are the do’s and don’ts while babysitting?
SOP Number: Housekeeping SOP - 26
Department: Housekeeping – General
Date Issued: 26-Jul-2014
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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