SOP – Concierge / Bell Desk – Guest luggage handling procedure

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Hotel Guest luggage handling procedure

Luggage Handling On Guest Arrival:

  • As soon as a taxi (or any other transportation) stops in front of the hotel/porch, Bell Personal or Doorman should open the passenger door.
  •  Greet the guest: “Welcome to [Your hotel name], I am [your name] do you need some help with your luggage?”
  • Help the guest to get out of the taxi (if needed).
  •  Take the luggage from the trunk (ensure with the guest that nothing is missing).
  •  Ask for guest name: “May I have your name Sir / Madam?”
  • Tag the luggage.
  •  Escort or guide the guest to the reception area or the reception floor.
  •  Inform the guest that you will be taking care of their luggage.
  •  If the reception is located on another area or floor then, Check the PMS and find out what room has been allocated to the guest.
  •  Write down the room number on the luggage tag.
  • Check with the FO team if the check-in formality is completed.
  •  If the room is ready then place the luggage on the luggage rack in the room.
  •  If the room is not ready, then store the luggage in the store room on the designated arrival shelve and update the Daily luggage register or log book with the details.
  •  Escort the guest to the room if required and send the luggage by the staff elevator only.

On Guest Departure:

  • Collect the luggage from the guest room.
  •  Try to have a casual conversation with the guest on the way down: “Mr / Ms. [Guest Name] I hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Would you need a taxi to the airport?”
  •  If the guest asks for the luggage to be stored, tag the luggage accordingly (guest name, room number, date, and time of collection) and get the guest’s signature on the – Long-term luggage request form.
  •  Store the luggage in the designated departure area.
  •  If the guest is leaving the Hotel immediately after completing the check-out procedure, then bring the luggage to the portico.
  •  If the taxi is waiting then load the luggage to the taxi and request the guest to verify the loaded luggage.
  •  Update the departure luggage movement on the Daily Luggage movement register or log book.

Luggage Storage Room:

  • The luggage room should be always organized and neat.
  •  The luggage room is divided into 3 areas, arrival, departure, long long-term storage.
  •  Each luggage has to be tagged using a luggage tag (SL no, Guest name, date, room no, guest’s signature, and time of collection).
  •  A phone number or email address must be on the long-term storage luggage form.
  •  The long-term luggage storage register has to be completed and signed by the guest.
  •  The following questions need to be asked while keeping Items for long storage:

a) Fragile Items

  • Ask the guest if there are any fragile items in their suitcase,
  •  If yes, mark “Fragile” on the luggage tag.

b) Perishable

  • For items that need to be kept cool (medication, food…) check with Food and beverage kitchen.
  •  Record where the items are stored in the luggage register.
  •  For long-term luggage storage ensure with the guest that there are no perishable items inside the luggage.

Security & Safety

  • Always keep the luggage room closed and dry.
  •  Do not leave guests alone in the luggage room.
  •  Remind the guest to keep their valuable item with them (Jewellery, phone, wallet, camera, iPad, etc.)
  •  Log down in the bell desk log book and also on the errand card each luggage handling is done (Arrival, Departure, Stored) etc.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to welcome the guest on Arrival?

Q2. What action is to be taken if the allocated room is not ready?

Q3. What is the procedure for long-term luggage storage requests?

Q4. Why it is important to confirm that there are no perishable items in the stored luggage?

Q5. What questions are to be asked when storing items for the long term?
SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 31
Department: Front office– Bell Desk
Date Issued: 07-Aug-2014
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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