SOP – Room Service / IRD – Door Knob Menu Order And Delivery Time

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Door Knob Menu Order and Delivery Time in Room Service

Door knob breakfast menu order collection:

  • The overnight Supervisor shall assign a waiter to collect all door-knob breakfast menu orders every night, according to the schedule.
  • Use the service lift to get to the top floor and collect the door knob for breakfast menu orders floor by floor, working downwards.
  •  Write down the room number on each door knob breakfast menu order.
  •  The assigned waiter must write down the room number when collecting the door knob breakfast menu order.
  •  Preparing the bill for the breakfast service.
  •  The overnight Supervisor shall prepare all the breakfast bills according to the guests’ door knob bread fast menu orders.
  •  Sort out all the prepared bills according to the time of service, starting from the earliest one, with priority given to the VIP rooms.

Room Serice Breakfast Delivery Time:

  • When the order is made, the order taker shall post it immediately in the POS (Point of sale) terminal. The time displayed on the print-out slip shall be considered for any further reference.
  •  The order taker shall accurately estimate the time required for the food preparation and the specific mise-en-place related to the food order.
  •  The order taker shall set the time on the specially designed alarm clock to control the duration of each order preparation.
  •  The order taker shall politely inform the guest by telephone about any delivery delay
  •  Consequently, the order taker shall say the following: “Good morning/afternoon/evening, Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. (the correct family name of the guest), I am calling from IN ROOM DINING to inform you that we are experiencing a slight delay with your food delivery. It will take about (time to be defined by the kitchen team) more minutes. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience”

Training Summary questions:

Q1. When should the door knob breakfast menu orders?   

Q2. Why should the waiter write down the room number while collecting the door knob menus?

Q3. In what order the bills should be sorted?

Q4. Is it required to prepare the breakfast bills in advance?

Q5. What action is to be taken when there is a delay in service?
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP - 23 
Department: Food and Beverage Service – Room Service
Time to Train: 45 Minutes
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