SOP – Room Service / IRD – Preset Tray And Trolley

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Preset Tray and trolley in Room Service / IRD

Clean Room Service Trays:

  • Clean the In-room dining area.
  •  Wash trays in the dish room.
  • If the trays are cork-lined, rub the cord with lemon wedges to remove odours. Then let the trays stand for a few minutes before washing.
  •  Spray trays with hot water to remove food residue.
  •  Spray the trays with an approved sanitizing solution. Then Stack them upside-down at right angles to allow them to air dry.

Clean room service carts/trolleys:

  • Remove all equipment and supplies from the carts.
  •  Use a clean cloth and a sanitizing solution to wipe the carts, including the helve’s legs and wheels.
  •  Polish the carts with a clean, dry cloth.
  •  Replace equipment and supplies.
  •  Report any squeaky wheels to maintenance staff members or stewards immediately, so they can fix the carts quickly.

Preset Trays and carts/trolleys:

  • Organize and preset trays’ and trolleys before the meal period begins.
  •  Prepare the trays for service in the rooms: trays with basic set-up [for serving Continental breakfasts and light meals (for a maximum of 2 people).
  •  Place tablecloths neatly over room service carts.
  •  Prepare the trolleys for service in the rooms: trolleys with basic set-up for serving American breakfasts and multi-course meals.
  •  Items you place on the tray or cart include salt, pepper, ketchup sugar, artificial sweetener, etc. Make sure each item is clean before placing it onto the cart or tray.
  •  Wipe containers with a clean cloth if necessary.
  •  Follow the tray and cart setup charts to place items on trays and carts.
  •  Clean the heating boxes and keep a few on standby: all heating boxes are heated with electric power.
  •  Replenish all condiments.
  •  Prepare all the operating equipment and install it in the appropriate areas.
  •  Chinaware, flatware, hollowware, glassware, and linen must be sufficient in quantity and polished according to hotel policy standards.

Prepare the room-related VIP amenities:

  • Petit Four, House wine, fresh fruit platter cut or otherwise, a souvenir like a diary.
  •  For a VVIP a full bar will be set up in the room.
  •  Daily replenishment of all amenities should be done.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to clean room service Trays?  

Q2. How to clean carts/trolleys?     

Q3. What actions to be taken if you find any squeaky wheels?

Q4. Why it is important to follow tray and cart setup charts?

SOP Number:  Food and Beverage Service SOP - 22 
Department: Food and Beverage Service – Room Service
Time to Train: 45 Minutes
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