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Standard Operating Procedure for Engineering Complaint Or Work Order Handling

An effective and efficient Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Engineering Complaint/Work Order Handling is crucial in ensuring guest satisfaction and maintaining the quality of guest rooms and public areas. The SOP should outline the process for receiving and prioritizing complaints/work orders, assigning tasks to appropriate personnel, tracking progress, and closing out completed tasks.

When a guest complaint or work order is received, it should be logged into the system and assigned a priority level based on the severity of the issue. The appropriate personnel should then be notified of the task and given a deadline for completion. It is essential to ensure that the guest is informed of the progress of their complaint/work order and that they are satisfied with the resolution.

In addition, the SOP should outline the necessary steps to take when dealing with complaints or work orders that require immediate attention, such as a water leak or a broken elevator. The safety of guests and staff should always be a top priority.

By implementing a comprehensive SOP for Engineering Complaint/Work Order Handling, hotels can ensure that their guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay, and their staff can effectively and efficiently address any issues that may arise in a timely manner.

Complaint Or Work Order Handling Standard Procedure:

  • For Complaints that can be resolved immediately the room status is changed to OOS – Out of service.
  •  Major complaints were the room needed to be blocked for more than a day and could not be sold to the guest which was changed to OOO – Out of Order.
  •  The housekeeping department is responsible for changing the room status to OOO or OOS depending upon the maintenance issue, after discussing with the shift engineer.

Work orders are categorized as follows:

1) Electrical.

2) Air-conditioning.

3) Plumbing.

4) Carpenter.

5) Painting.

6) Mason.

  • Depending upon the complaint received the same is passed on to the concerned technician.
  •  The technician collects the work order sheet and attends to the complaints.

Complaints or Work Order for Guest Room:

  • Complaints from the guest rooms are received through the Housekeeping Department control desk or the Front office.
  •  These complaints or work order are recorded in the logbook and the hotel property management system (PMS).
  •  The Staff knocks on the door and announces his department.
  •  Waits for guest’s response before knocking a second time.
  •  With the guest, while entering the room, rectify the fault and leave the room in the minimum possible time.
  •  Provide feedback to the desk attendant who in turn passes compliances to House Keeping.
  •  The Staff updates his record in the complaint register and also onto the property management systems (PMS) / Hotel software.

Complaints or Work order for Public Areas and Back office:

  • Front-of-the-house and back-office complaints are monitored at regular intervals through the property management system (PMS).
  •  Attends the complaint and reverts to the desk attendant.
  •  The desk attendant clears the complaints from PMS and transfers them to Complaint/Room History.
  •  Once a day Electrician takes the round in front of the house and the Heart of the house to replace fused bulbs.

Daily Complaint Analysis:

1) At the end of every shift guest room, the front of the house, and back office complaints / Work orders are analyzed to identify repetitive complaints.

2) All repetitive complaints are further analyzed for root cause analysis.

3) Then corrective and preventive action is to be taken to solve the problem.

4) If required, necessary changes are incorporated in relevant documentation to standardize the finding.

5) At the end of the shift technician analyses the complaint and hands over the pending complaint to the next shift in charge.

6) After analyzing if it is found that a particular complaint is repeated many times, then it is studied in detail and corrective actions are taken.

7) The corrective measure can be a change of spare parts or a change in the preventive maintenance schedule.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are the categories of maintenance work orders?

Q2. Explain how to handle work orders for guest rooms.

Q3. Explain how to handle work orders for the back of the house and public areas.

Q4. Why is daily complaint analysis an important task during each shift end?

Q5. Example of corrective measures taken after complaint analysis?
SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP  – 24
Department: Engineering and Maintenance
Date Issued: 03–Mar-2018
Time to Train: 45 Minutes
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