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Room Maintenance Reasons used in hotel software's

Maintenance codes are used in PMS / hotel management system to block a room under maintenance. This helps to easily identify why the room was put under maintenance.

There are two types of maintenance options available in general in most hotel management systems / PMS.

1) Out of Order (OOO)

Rooms kept under out of order are not sellable and these rooms are deducted from the hotels inventory. A room may be out-of-order for a variety of reasons, including the need of maintenance, refurbishing and extensive cleaning etc.

2) Out of Service ( OOS )

Rooms kept under out of service are not deducted from the hotel inventory. This is a temporary blocking and reasons may be bulb fuse, T V remote not working, Kettle not working etc. These rooms are not assigned to the guest once these small maintenance issues are fixed.

Room maintenance Reasons and Codes

Code Reason
ACNW Ac is not working
ASCS Around shower cubical glass silicon filling
BRDN Bathroom door is noisy
BREN Bathroom exhaust is not working
BRLN Bathroom light is not working
BRSS Bathroom door stopper to be fixed properly
BRTN Bathroom telephone is not working
BTNW Bedside telephone is not working
BTSN Bath tub stopper is not working
CBBC Console base bush to change
CLNW Coffee lamp is not working
CNWP Console is not working properly
CTCC Coffee table glass top corner is chipped
CTTS Console time to set
FEAS Fire escape plan acrylic sheet to be fixed
HFNW Health faucet is not working
HLNW Hanging lamp is not working
HLSB Hanging lamp shade is broken
HLSB Hanging lamp shade is broken
LRMC Luggage rack marble is cracked
MCDN Minibar door is not closing properly
MDIN Main door is noisy
MDSF Main door stopper to be fixed properly
MLNW Mood lamp is not working
NLNW Night lamp is not working
PLNW Pedestal lamp is not working
PLSB Pedestal lamp shade is broken
PPMR Pre preventive maintenance
RAGN Return air grill is noisy
RCFA Room ceiling fungus is appearing
RPTD Room paint touch to be done
SAWN Shower water is not going properly
STRB Set top box remote battery to be changed
STTT Soap tray to tight
TFAC Treated fresh air to be checked
TLNW Table lamp is not working
TRIS Towel rack is shaky
TVCN TV cabinet is not closing properly
TVNW TV channel is not coming
TVRB TV remote battery to be changed
VAFC Vestibule area floor condensation
VLNW Vestibule area lamp is not working
VTWL Vestibule area trap door water is leaking
WBSN Wash basin stopper is not working
WBTS Wash basin tap is shaky
WCCB WC seat cover is broken
WCES Window curtain channel end stopper to fix
WCSB WC seat is broken
WCWN WC water is not coming
WDIN Wardrobe door is noisy
WLSB Writing table lamp shade is broken
WTCN Writing table chair is shaky
WTDN Writing table drawer is noisy
WTNW Writing table telephone is not working

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