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Terms and Conditions Sample - Serviced Apartment / Long Stay Tenant & Guests

  • The Tenant undertakes that he/she has reviewed in full the Inventory Details provided at check in, any discrepancies to be notified to the [Mention Hotel Name / Reception] immediately.

  • Any increase in the number of persons occupying the Apartment, other than the ones mentioned in this Lease is not permitted without the prior written consent of the [Mention Hotel Name / Management]. Any requirements for additional guests or additional beds will be charged separately.

  • As per the Government Law all visitors to guest apartments have to be registered at the reception with passport or valid ID.

  • The Apartment cannot be used for sub lease, partially renting out space for commercial or residential use without the prior written approval of the [Mention Hotel Name / Management].

  • No structural changes or physical modifications or any signage’s can be done to the apartment or to any of the furniture and equipment provided by the [Mention Hotel Name / Management] without the prior written consent of the [Mention Hotel Name / Management]. If any change is made, the [Mention Hotel Name / Management] will make the necessary reparation, alteration, or replacement and charge the Tenant for all related costs.

  • The Tenant undertakes, within reason, that Housekeeping and Maintenance staff will have full access to the accommodation for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining the Apartment.

  • The Tenant shall, for the duration of the Lease, take good care of all furniture, fixtures and equipment / kitchen utensils in the accommodation. Any damage caused to any of the contents in the accommodation or public areas of the premises by the Tenant, the Tenant will assume responsibility for any damage howsoever caused and will pay the entire cost of damages to the [Mention Hotel Name / Reception].

  • Any sort of illicit activities are strictly forbidden in the Apartment or within the premises.

  • Failure to comply with the Laws of the Land could result in legal actions against the Tenant.

  • The [Mention Hotel Name / Management] will not be responsible for any theft, loss, or damage to any personal belongings of the Tenant or, for any injury to the Tenant or their Guests.

  • Kindly use the safe deposit box provided in your rooms.

  • The Tenant agrees to abide by the House Rules given to him/her upon arrival.

  • By signing this Lease, the Tenant agrees and acknowledges that the Apartment and Apartment contents have been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the completed Apartment Inspection Form and the Inventory List.

  • The Tenant further agrees to pay all charges which he/her has incurred and which have been charged to his/her Apartment.

  • As per Government requirements, the whole [Mention Hotel Name] is Non Smoking. In case you choose to smoke in the apartment, extra dry-cleaning costs of curtains, upholstery and carpets will have to be charged to your account upon departure. We do recommend to smoke on the Balconies and to use the ashtray provided for your convenience.

  • Kindly be informed that the [Mention Hotel Name / Management] cannot be held responsible for any damages caused while using the washing machine or dryer.

  • Open fires, candles, Shisha pipes and Arabic oud are strictly forbidden in the apartment.

  • 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are entitled for 1 complimentary car parking space; 4 bedroom apartments are entitled for 2 complimentary car parking spaces. For additional spaces and rental fees kindly contact reception.

  • All apartments are entitled for 1 complimentary Storage space, for additional storage bay spaces and rental fees kindly contact reception.

  • In order to maintain the cleanliness of the building’s façade, high-level window cleaning is performed from a suspended cradle year-round. Due to weather conditions, the schedule changes regularly and at short notice, for your privacy we recommend to keep the curtains in your apartment closed.

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