Reservation Standard Checklist for Booking Enquiry

  • Reservation department staff answered within 3 rings.

  • Reservation staff had a smiling greeting which included, thanks, name and an offer of assistance.

  • Permission asked to place call on hold, and reservation staff waited for response.  

  • Placed on hold for less than 30 seconds, thanks to extended for placing the call on hold.

  • The guest name was requested and used at least one time.

  • Staff promptly offered assistance and led the conversation.

  • Features and benefits of the property were provided with enthusiasm, without prompting.

  • Staff inquired if caller was a repeat guest, corporate guest.

  • Staff customised the experience by determining preferences, offering a choice of smoking or non-smoking accommodations, room/bed type etc.

  • Staff inquired about the guest’s special requests (in case any).

  • Range of rates quoted beginning with higher price categories.

  • Staff asked if there were alternate dates that could be considered, in case of non-availability or sold out.

  • Staff skilfully and knowledgeably addressed inquiries and requests and spoke clearly.

  • Minimal background noise, interruptions during the reservation process.

  • Staff clearly explained inclusions in the rate offered. (Breakfast / Package / Taxes etc)

  • Staff asked for the correct spelling of caller's name and recognised repeat guests.

  • Staff asked for caller's contact details like mobile number, email etc. in case of first time visitor.

  • Reservation details were reviewed including hotel location, arrival/departure dates and time, the spelling of name, address and email.

  • Rate and room/bed type preference was confirmed, along with special requests, confirmation number was provided.

  • Staff enquired for concierge services for airport transfers, pre-arrange entertainment, local transportation, or directions.

  • Staff asked which email address they would like to use to send the reservation confirmation.

  • Booking Confirmation was received in time stated and was accurate. 

  • Guarantee and cancellation policies were explained.

  • Standard Check-in and checkout times were provided. Along with early check-in and check-out charges (In case guest requested for this).

  • Staff was pleasant, courteous and did not seem rushed throughout the conversation.

  • The conversation was ended with an authentic and memorable farewell comment, the guest was thanked. 

  • The speed of booking process was adapted to the environment and the needs of the guest.


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