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How to Prevent Theft By Hotel Staff and Hotel Guests?

1. Preventing Theft by Hotel Staff: 

A great amount of care should be taken to see that the hotel staff do not steal anything from the hotel, but it is a human tendency to take chance. For the same reason, hotels have stepped up security to safeguard the hotel property.

Some of the measures taken by the hotels to prevent theft are:

  • Check the credentials of the staff during recruitment.

  • Train the staff towards being loyal and honest.

  • Awarding and rewarding honest employees.

  • Maintain registers and surveillance cameras to record the movement of staff in the hotel.

  • Provide a safe deposit locker for all the guests in their rooms to secure their valuables.

  • Preventing hotel staff from carrying a large amount of cash on them while on duty.

  • Restricting the issue of room key cards to the employees.

  • Check and frisk the hotel staff by the security officer while they leave the hotel after the duty.

2. Preventing Theft by the Hotel Guests :

There are many cases where the guest staying in a hotel who indulges in theft, great care and observation on the part of the hotel security is required to prevent such acts by the guest.

Some of the precautions taken by the hotel to prevent theft by guests are;

  • All the guests staying in the hotel are requested for their personal identity.

  • Any suspicious movements of the houseguest are observed and immediate action taken.

  • Any unauthorised movement is severely condemned and actioned upon.