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SOP – Laundry – Washing Of Guest Laundry [Sorting & Chemicals Quantity]

SOP Number: HK-36 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – Laundry

Date Issued: 10-Apr-2021

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all the guest laundry are segregated by light colour, white and dark colour etc. And also the correct chemicals in mentioned quantity are used for washing each types of guest laundry.

Standard procedures for Washing Guest Laundry:

  • To separate the marked Laundry into different classifications: - colour, white/dark colour, hand wash and dry cleaning.

  • When doing classification, check the condition of each and every piece to make sure there are no damaged items before being washed.

  • If there is any, return it to the guest for his/her acknowledgement.

Steps for Loading the washer extractor.

Switch on the power supply to the machine and insert the programme to the starting point as per the degree to which they are soiled.

1. Colour/ Dark clothes

2. White clothes

Add the following chemicals in mentioned quantity for a standard load ie, 85lbs (38.5 KG). The chemicals requirement per load can be increased or decreased based on load.

Chemicals For Washing White clothes:

a. SA8 - 25 gm
b. Lisapol- Dpaste - 100 gms.
c. Bleach (Liquid Bleach ) - 200 gms.
d. Sour - 200 gms.
e. Softener - 200 gms.

Chemicals For Washing Coloured clothes:

a. SA8 - 25 gms.
b. Lisapol - Dpaste - 100 gms.
c. Sour - 200 gms.
d. Softener - 200 gms.

Do's and Dont's while Washing Guest Laundry:

  • Lock the machine door firmly and press the start button to run the machine.

  • When the whole cycle is complete the programme display will inform.

  • Unload the laundry from the washing machine.

  • All guest laundry is sorting out for tumbler dry/air dry or direct pressing.

  • After drying all garments goes for steam press and folding.

Laundry Training Summary questions:

Q1. Explain the process of express or urgent laundry billing?

Q2. What are the Chemicals required for Washing White clothes?

Q3. What are the Chemicals required for Washing Coloured clothes?

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