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SOP – Laundry – Sorting and Marking Guest Laundry

SOP Number: HK-34 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – Laundry

Date Issued: 10-Apr-2021

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all the guest laundry items are to be correctly sorted, tagged and marked the respective room no.

Standard procedures for Marking Guest Laundry:

  • Empty the dirty clothing together with the list from one laundry bag.

  • Count each item to acquire a total count, which needs to match with the number filled by guest on the laundry list.

  • Be sure the number of each item filled by the guest is matching your count.

  • It often happens in some cases that the house count may not match with the guest count. You can not forward this laundry bag for the marking step.

  • Return the whole bag to the guest unprocessed with a written note.

  • The same procedure and record must also be maintained if any garment is found with defect before washing like damage colour, fade, and burn mark.

  • Fix on marking tape through the Marking machine.

  • Clip the attached laundry list on the board.

  • Set the number keys to the code you want [Guest Room No.]

  • Pair socks with thread.

  • All socks are to be marked/tagged at the heel portion.

  • The under shirt will be marked just right under the brand label.

  • The entire handkerchief is to be marked at the bottom of one corner.

  • Shirt is to be marked to put through button holes.

  • When marking also note guest instruction, e.g. request for hand wash, hang to dry, starching.

Laundry Training Summary questions:

Q1. What needs to be done in case the guest count in the laundry slip is not matching with the laundry items inside the bag?

Q2. What needs to be done in case there is damage to clothing?

Q3. How to apply the laundry tags or marking based in different types of cloths.

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