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SOP - Housekeeping – Pest Control

SOP Number: HK – 29

Department: Housekeeping – Room & Public Area

Date Issued: 18-Jul-2014

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

It is the management policy that pest control is carried out on a regular basis and that the Housekeeping Department has an overall responsibility to co-ordinate between the contractors and all departments.

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Hotel premises are refrained from all pests, to ensure problem areas can be identified and effective measures can be taken promptly and to ensure that the minimum disturbance is caused to the operation of the Hotel and our guest.


If any hotel staffs find pests such as cockroaches, ants, rats, spiders, flying insects etc. in any area of the Hotel they should immediately report it to the Housekeeping Department.

Housekeeping Staff will record the details in the Pest Control Log Book. The Format is as follows:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Description of Pest Problem

  • Location of Pest Found

  • Date of Pest Treatment Appointment

  • Job Completed on.

  • Staff accompanied.

  • Signature

Housekeeping Manager is to review the Pest Control Log Book weekly to ensure the proper treatment is complied with.

Housekeeping floor supervisor or the Housekeeping manager should co-ordinate with the pest control contractor for monthly schedule and urgent implementation arrangement of ad-hoc pest control.

Housekeeping Manager will advise other department of the schedule and the type of treatment used for pest control, so the necessary safety measure can be taken by the concerned department Eg. Covering of food, cancelling of table settings etc.

Pest control contractor will be guided and accompanied by Housekeeping staff for security and job performance control purpose.

Types of Pest Control service:

There are three basic treatments in controlling pests:

  • Rodenticide Treatment (e.g. Laying of rat bait)
  • Insecticide Treatment (e.g. Spraying of Insecticide)
  • Flying Insects Control (e.g. Fumigation).

Areas Covered- All guest rooms, guest floor pantries, pipe duct rooms and both stair ways.

Treatment – Spray plus laying and checking of rat bait.

Frequency – Every second month during daytime.

Pubic Areas

All pubic areas, corridors, loading bay all toilets, general store, male and female changing rooms, rubbish rooms, lobby and front desk, floor terracing areas, driveway, workshop and engineering areas.

Treatment – Spray plus laying and checking of rat bait

Frequency – Monthly during overnight

Kitchen and Restaurants Areas

All F&B outlets i.e. All kitchens, staff canteen and restaurants.

Treatment – Spray plus laying and checking of rat bait, fumigation

Frequency – Monthly during overnight.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of pest control in hotels?

Q2. Who should you inform if you find pests like cockroaches, ants, rats etc. In hotel premises?

Q3. What should be the ideal frequency for pest control for public areas?

Q4. Who should review the pest control log book?

Q5. What are the types of pest control services?

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