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SOP for VIP Reservation Processing

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 71

Department: Reservations

Date Issued: 20-Apr-2021

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

Purpose of VIP Reservation Procedure:

VIP reservations are processed accurately and clearly marked to ensure VIP guests are properly recognised by all hotel personnel. All special requests and guest preferences are clearly marked and the room must be pre-blocked. Only executive staff may give a guest VIP status.

VIP Reservations Booking Procedure:

  • When a VIP reservation reaches the hotel ensure that the VIP authorisation is valid (i.e. that a Hotel executive has approved VIP status).

  • Ensure that accommodations are pre-blocked in the computer system by entering a specific room number onto the reservation.

  • While blocking the room for VVIP or VIP, please ensure to update guest preference: the room on the highest floor, always allocate a king bed, always set up for turn down service, always threat as Incognito, etc. 

  • Assign room according to preferred features or as requested by the guest. For returning guest by seeing guest history or guest profile.

  • If the hotel PMS or Hotel Software has a feature to fix the room number to the reservation then enable the fix room number function. This will ensure only staffs who are authorised to allocate the assigned room can do so.

  • Ensure that all special requests or guest preferences are entered in the flag fields for follow up by the Guest Relations Manager.

  • Ensure that the relevant VIP codes are entered onto the reservation.

  • Ensure to enter Traces for each department with the details of amenities or actionable requests related to the VIP booking. 

  • Make VIP Amenities Requisition Form for VIP Amenities Set-up to the respective department.

  • All VIP amenity request should be raised and approved by GM/RM at least two days prior to arrival.

  • Ensure that the VIP amenity request form is distributed to the respective departments after approval. This has to be followed up promptly.

  • Ensure that at the commencement of each shift, the Reservation Manager shall go through the VIP reservation pickup report and ensure that all details are updated correctly.

  • Ensure that at the end of the shift the daily VIP list shall be checked and a note made of any VIPs bookings made during the shift.

Training Summary questions for VIP Reservations:

Q1. Who is responsible to validate the VIP Authorization?

Q2. What all details need to be checked when clocking the room for VIP guests?

Q3. How to ensure that the blocked rooms for VIP guests are not un-allocated by other staffs?

Q4. Is it required to get approval from the GM for VIP amenities?

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