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Elsafe SOP for Hotel Front Office

Opening of In-room Safe/Locker By Front Desk On Request

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 69

Department: Front Office - General

Date Issued: 25-Aug-2019

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Opening In-room Safe Standard Procedure:

1. Upon receiving the guest request of opening safe, inform Duty Manager and Front Desk GSA.

  • Always make sure that a sense of urgency is provided to the guest.

  • As soon as receiving the request of opening safe, inform Duty Manager or Front Desk GSA, give the detail, ie. room number, name of the registered guest.

2. Call the security officer on duty to meet at the guest room.

  • An only registered guest has the right to request to open the safe, this ensures the safety and security of registered guest to protect the hotel's interest.

  • Request the guest to present identification and registered occupant of the room.

  • Duty Manager calls the security to meet at the guest room. Invite a guest to present certification to prove his/her identification.

3. Ask the guest to try the safe again before opening.

  • Key in the designated code wait for 30 seconds.

  • At this time, call down to Duty security officer informing the displayed code from the Electronic Safe/Locker.

a) After confirming the guest's identification, verify with guest what in the designated code in the safe before keying, make sure other people include guest cannot see you enter the code.

b) After key in the designated code, wait for 30 seconds, the safe screen will show 5 English letters (Depending upon the model used), Duty Manager note down the letters, politely borrow the phone in the room from the guest and call down to the security office to inform the English letters.

c) For some other types of in-room safes, there is an electronic PIN code to securely override and service in-room safes. This service tool must be combined with a USB docking cable and the Admin software to the commission, service opens a safe and print out events.

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