How to Handle Guest Awaiting For Room

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 67

Department: Front Office - Reception

Date Issued: 19-Aug-2019

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Handling Guest Awaiting For Room Standard Procedure:

1. Search for vacant dirty

  • Search for the guest reservation.

  • In case of a walk-in guest, create a reservation for the guest according to the registration procedure.

  • If a vacant clean room is not available immediately, search for a vacant dirty room at first and call the housekeeping to rush rooms.

  • Make sure you have given enough time for cleaning room.

  • If the hotel software or PMS has a functionality of 'Queue or Queuing' flag the reservation as on queue. (This will also help to log how much time the guest have been waiting for a clean room on arrival)
  • In case required help Housekeeping to clean rooms as needed in order to not keep the guests waiting for a room. (This shows our care for the guests.)

  • While the guest is waiting for the room to get ready issue welcome drink or breakfast coupon.

  • Issue the welcome drink coupon to the guest by saying: "Mr.Mrs. Bond, the room we blocked to you is under cleaning, and Housekeeping has been informed for rushing room and it may take about 30 minutes. May I invite you to have a complimentary breakfast/drink in our lobby lounge and I will let you know as soon as the room is available."

2. Keep monitoring the room status:

3. Upon room is cleaned.

  • As soon as the room status is changed to the vacant clean, send the room key and welcome booklet to the guest personally. By saying: "Mr./Mrs. Bond, I am sorry to have kept you waiting. Now the room is ready, the room number is 101. Thank you for your understanding."

  • Apologise for the waiting and introduce the GSA or Concierge to escort the guest to the room.

  • Show the check-in of the room in the system immediately. (Change the status to confirmed from on-queue or as per the hotel software functionality before check-in)

  • Use any courtesy service to delight guest.

  • As the room connects with the telephone line after check-in the GSA or Front Desk Assistant should anticipate any guest request.  


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