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Process for Delivering Incoming Items to Hotel Guests | Concierge Training | Bell Desk Training

Concierge / Bell Desk - Incoming Item or Packages Delivery

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 66

Department: ConciergeBell Desk

Date Issued: 18-Aug-2019

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Purpose of this SOP:

Upon receiving any incoming items for the guest the concierge team should 1) Check off items, 2) Check-in hotel software, 3) Indication for the guest, 4) If the guest is in the room, 5) Item for expected arrival guest, 6) If the guest is not in the room, 7) After the item be released.

The Concierge staff and Bell Desk team are often the first point of contact and should be familiar with the process of handling incoming items or packages for the guest.

Guest incoming Item Standard Procedure:

1. Check off items.

Always check the items to avoid breakage and proper checking for security.

Upon receiving items for guest check with the sender for fragile or valuable items or perishable things, also check the sender’s information.

2. Check guest details in the system.

Check the hotel software/system to see if the guest is listed or holds a reservation.

Receive items from sender after verification of the guest details in the system.

Ensure the guest is the correct receiver.

3. Indication for guest in the hotel system.

Leave a message or traces on the guest reservation.

Also, write down the item information on “daily incoming item record”.

4. If the guest is in the room.

Ensure the guest is not be disturbed and to avoid any disputes from guest and staff.

Call guest and get permission before GSA delivers the item to room.

Obtain incoming item record in the Concierge daily file folder.

If the guest wants to pick up item later at the desk, store the item temporarily at the concierge.

5. The item for expected arrival guest.

For the safety of the item.

If the guest has not checked in yet, leave the message or traces to a guest reservation in the system.

So the reception can let the guest know upon their arrivals.

6. If the guest is not in the room.

To show respect on guest the items to be handled carefully.

Store the item accordingly and properly.

7. After the item is released.

For the easy of future reference, the details of the item delivery need to properly recorded.

After the item is released, the staff who releases the item must write down the name and the releasing time both on the daily incoming item record.

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