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Concierge / Travel Desk - Flight Reconfirmation Procedure

Flight Reconfirmation Procedure For Hotel Guests

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 56

Department: Front Office / Concierge  - Flight Reconfirmation

Date Issued: 10-Aug-2019

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Purpose of Flight Reconfirmation SOP:

The Front Office / Travel Desk / Concierge team should know the correct standard for reconfirming the guest's flight. No guests flight should be missed or wrong information given to the guest, as this creates a negative last impression for the guest.

All flight reconfirmation request of the guests must be accurately tracked and followed up in the correct way in order to ensure guest satisfaction. The last impression should be always a memorable one that the guest carry on with him and will have an impact on this feedback of his stay at the hotel.

Flight Reconfirmation Procedure Standard Procedure:

Retrieve flight details from air ticket:

a) Flight Number

b) Departure date/time

c) Flight Destination

d) Name of passenger

e) Ticket number

f) Ticket Class

Transfer all the flight information into the flight record book.(copy guest’s ticket)

Write down the details according to the specific columns (including guest’s room number).

Should follow the name exactly on the ticket and not the one which was registered.

Call the airline for confirmation.

Provide the airline call centre staff with the below details:

a) Flight number

b) Flight departure date

c) Name of passenger (name as shown on the ticket)

d) PNR number or Booking number of the ticket.

Alternatively, when the airline staff will repeat all the flight details of the passenger during reconfirmation.

Ensure the name of the airline staff is taken down.

Most importantly, to get the PNR / booking reference for the booking.

Record down the reconfirmed flight details into the flight record book

Transfer the flight details from the flight record book into the flight reconfirmation form.

Fill up the flight reconfirmation form and ensure:

All details are written down

Must include booking reference or PNR reference

Name of the airline staff.

Strike across the guest’s room number in the flight record book as soon as the flight reconfirmation form is raised/filled up and sent to the room.

Ensure that the guest’s copy has been sent up promptly.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who is responsible to reconfirm the flight ticket?

Q3. What all details about the flight ticket is required for reconfirmation?

Q4. Provide the details entered in the flight reconfirmation form?

Q5. What needs to be done in case the flight has been delayed or cancelled?

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