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SOP – Sit down buffet service in Banquets

SOP Number: F&B - 32 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Banquet Server


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Prepare table for each course before serving:

  • Always ask guest if they are finished before clearing.

  • Clear any empty plates or glasses from the guest’s right with your right hand.

  • Never stack dirty plates in front of guests. Pick them up separately and stack them away from guests.

  • Bring all condiments and accompaniments to the table before serving the order.

  • Only bring full- not partially full condiment bottles to guests.

  • If you will be serving an item that guest will share bring a plate for each guest.

Pick up each course:

The Banquet manager or supervisor will signal when to serve each course.

Serve the courses in the below order:

Check the order before you take it out of the kitchen:

  • Does the food look fresh and appealing?

  • Have all preparation instructions been followed?

  • Is the presentation garnished?

  • Have all special requests been met?

  • Is hot food hot and cold food cold?

  • Ask the Chef to make any required corrections necessary to meet te operations standards.

  • Notify the Manager or supervisor immediately of any problem in the food so that they can speak to the guests and correct the situation.

  • Don’t let the guest suffer because you are busy. If you are having trouble meeting guest needs, ask either the supervisor or colleagues to help you until you can catch up.

Deliver each course:

  • Carry loaded service trays to tray jacks in the function rooms.

  • Serve guest from the left side whenever possible. Don’t reach over guests while serving.

  • Place the plate with the first course on top of the base plate, If a base plate is included in the table setting.

  • Place the entrée plate so that the main item is closest to the guest.

  • Place side dishes to the left of the entrée plate.

  • If the guest is asking something else they try to deliver it as quickly as possible so that the meal does not get cold.

  • Ask if the guest would like you to bring or do anything else for them at this time.

  • Remove empty beverage glasses and exchange ashtrays as needed.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is important to ask the guest if they have finished before clearing the plates?

Q2. What is the standard for bringing in condiments?

Q3. What is the order for serving courses?

Q4. From which side the guest to be served?

Q5. What should be done if you are busy and not able to catch up with the service?

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