SOP – Banquets – Service Sequence And Briefing Before Event

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Banquet Service Sequence and Briefing Before Event 


Before each function, the staff member in charge of the function shall brief all her/his staff on the way the function will take place, allocate tasks accordingly, and fix time schedules.

For larger functions, especially when casual staff are involved, a table plan and a job allocation plan must be issued to make sure that each staff member knows her/his duties and where to perform them. If needed, a rehearsal shall be organized.

Review Banquet event orders for functions that will happen on the day:

  • The room the function will be held in.
  •  The number of guests expected.
  •  Table setup specifications (including the sizes, types, and colours of tablecloths and table skirts.)
  •  The menu for the function (including beverages, number of courses, and desserts.)
  •  Review time for guests will arrive, food should be plated, serve each course, etc.
  •  The type of event/function.
  •  Any Special request made by guest.
  •  The other subjects covered during the briefings include :
  •  Employee personal hygiene: no body or smoking odour, clean hair and fingernails
  •  Uniforms: correct, complete, and impeccable
  •  Foodservice: menu, way of serving, operating equipment
  •  Standards of service: mention the do’s and don’ts of banquet service
  •  VIP guests are present and special requests
  •  A good briefing will avoid many service problems during the function.

Banquet Service Sequences:

Although the service sequences for the Banquet Department are the same as those for other F&B outlets Service Sequence, they have to be adapted, prepared and, if needed, rehearsed to cope with larger numbers of guests.

When the organizer arrives at the hotel, they must be welcomed by the staff member who booked the event. This person will introduce the guest to the Assistant Banquet Manager in charge of the function and, together with the guest, the function sheet shall be checked to make sure that everything is according to their order.

The function room where the event will take place must indicate the name of the function as well as the status to indicate whether the function is in progress or not.

Every staff member, especially all casual staff, must be informed about the selected service sequence during the briefing session before the function starts.

During the banquet meeting and daily banquet briefing, all the steps of the service sequence must be clarified to everybody. The layout of the function room(s), the assigned service area(s), bar counter(s), and/or buffet(s) must be organized before each function.

All required equipment must be prepared and cleaned to ensure a smooth set-up and service.

Training Summary Questions For Banquet Service Sequence:

Q1. Why it is important to have a staff briefing before the banquet event?

Q2. What all-important timing is to be reviewed?

Q3. What are the other subjects covered during the staff briefing?

Q4. Who should welcome the organizer of the event?

Q5. Why it is important to indicate whether the function is in progress or not?
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP - 31
Department: Food and Beverage Service – Banquet
Time to Train: 45 Minutes
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