Size of Linens and clothes used in hotel industry

Sheets, Blankets, tablecloths, etc. have to be sized according to the sizes of the mattresses and tables. Other items can be chosen on the basis of appearance and price.

Tablecloths come in wide variety of sizes. To make an attractive presentation, the edges of a tablecloth should have a sufficient corner drop off the end of the table.

If Many different size of sheets are purchased, the labor cost to sort them will be high. The careful selection of standard size make purchasing, counting, storing and maintaining inventories much easier. Sizes can be color-coded for easier sorting. Sheets are usually available with color-coded hem threads. 

Bed Items Size in Inchies
Twin 66  X 104
Double 81 X 104
Queen 90 X 110
King 108 X 110
Standard 20 X 30
King 20 X 40
Standard 20 X 26
King 20 X 36
Bath Items  
Bath Sheets 36 X 70
Bath 20 X 40
  22 X 44
  24 X 50
  27 X 50
Hand 16 X26
  16 X 30
Washcloth 12 X 12
  13 X 13
Bath Mat 18 X 24
  20 X 30
Napery Items  
Napkins 17 X 17
  22 X 22
Table cloths 45 X 45
  54 X 54
  64 X 64
  54 X 110
Place mats  12 X 18
  14 X 20
Runners 17 X Variable lenghts
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