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Standard Size Charts of Linens and Clothes Used in Hotels | Resorts

When it comes to hotels, one of the most important things is to ensure that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. One way to do this is by providing linens and clothes that fit well and are of good quality. To help with this, many hotels use standard-size charts for their linens and clothes.

These size charts are designed to ensure that each guest is provided with linens and clothes that fit them well, regardless of their size or body shape. They can be used for everything from sheets and pillowcases to bathrobes and uniforms.

Using standard-size charts can also help hotels save money in the long run. By ensuring that they have a consistent size for their linens and clothes, they can order in bulk and reduce the need for custom orders or special sizing.

The housekeeping department is responsible for taking care of three main types of linen beds, baths, and tables. The sheets, blankets, tablecloths, etc. have to be sized according to the sizes of the mattresses and tables. Other items can be chosen based on appearance and price.

Standard Size For Bed Sheets, Duet Cover, Mattress Protector, and Flat Sheets Size:

The chart shows the details of standard bed linen sizes used in the hotel industry in multiple measurements (Inch, Feet, and Cm).
Standard Hotel Bed Linen Size Charts
 Bed Sheets Duet Cover Mattress Protector Flat Sheets
TwinInch= 66” X 104”Feet= 5.5 X 8.66Cm= 167.76 X 264.16Inch=55″ X 79″Feet= 4.5 X 6.5Cm=140 X 200Inch= 35.83″ X 46. 45″Feet= 2.98 X 6.17Cm= 91 X 188Inch= 71 X 108″Feet= 3.54 X 9.02Cm= 180 X 275
DoubleInch= 81″ X 104″Feet= 6.75 X 8.66Cm= 205.74 X 264.16Inch=79″ X 79″Feet= 6.5 X 6.5Cm=200 X 200Inch= 53.94 X 74.01″Feet= 4.49 X 6.16Cm= 137 X 188Inch= 91 X 108″Feet= 7.54 X 9.02Cm= 230 X 275″
QueenInch= 90″ X 110″Feet= 7.5 X 9.16Cm= 228.6 X 279.4Inch= 83″ X 83″Feet= 6.91 X 6.91Cm= 210 X 210Inch= 60.23 X 79.92″Feet= 5.01 X 6.66Cm= 153 X 203Inch= 92 X 108″Feet= 8.75 X 9.15Cm= 267 X 279
KingInch= 108″ X 110″Feet= 9 X 9.16Cm= 274.34 X 279.4Inch=89″ X 87″Feet= 7.41 X 7.41Cm= 225 X 220Inch= 72.04 X 79.92″Feet= 6.00 X 6.67Cm= 183 X 203Inch= 108 X 108″Feet= 9.0 X 9.0Cm= 275 X 275
Super KingInch= 180″ X 200″Feet= 15 X 16.66Cm= 457.2 X 508Inch= 102″ X 87″Feet= 8.5 X 7.41Cm= 260 X 220Inch= 60.23 X 79.93″Feet= 5.0 X 6.6Cm= 153 X 203Inch= 120 X 108″Feet= 10.00 X 9.0Cm= 305 X 275
EmperorInch= 200″ X 200″Feet= 16.66 X 16.66Cm= 508 X 508Inch= 114″ X 92″Feet= 9.5 X 7.6Cm=290 X 235Inch= 78.74 X 78.74″Feet= 6.56 X 6.56Cm= 200 X 200 Inch= 126 X 114″Feet= 10.94 X 9.51Cm= 320 X 290

Standard Size For Pillowcases and Bath Linens:

Matching pillowcases and pillows are used based on the bed size used in the guest room, The Below table shows some standard pillow and pillowcases measurements.
Pillowcases (Inch)
Standard20″ X 30″
King20″ X 40″
Pillows (Inch)
Standard20″ X 26″
King20″ X 36″

The Bath linens include bath towels, hand towels, speciality towels, washcloths, Bath mats, etc. Below are some standard bath items and their size in inches.

Bath Items (Inch)
Bath Sheets36″ X 70″
Bath20″ X 40″
 22″ X 44″
 24″ X 50″
 27″ X 50″
Hand16″ X 26″
 16″ X 30″
Washcloth12″ X 12″
 13″ X 13″
Bath Mat18″ X 24″
 20″ X 30″

Standard Sized For Napery/Table Cloths:

Tablecloths come in a wide variety of sizes. To make an attractive presentation, the edges of a tablecloth should have a sufficient corner drop off the end of the table. If many different sizes of sheets are purchased, the labour cost to sort them will be high.

The careful selection of standard sizes makes purchasing, counting, storing, and maintaining inventories much easier. Sizes can be color-coded for easier sorting. Sheets are usually available with colour-coded hem threads. 

Napery Items (Inch)
Napkins17″ X 17″
 22″ X 22″
Table cloths45″ X 45″
 54″ X 54″
 64″ X 64″
 54″ X 110″
Place mats 12″ X 18″
 14″ X 20″
Runners17″ X Variable lenghts
Overall, standard size charts are an important tool for hotels looking to provide their guests with the best possible experience. By ensuring that linens and clothes fit well and are of good quality, hotels can help guests feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay.
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