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Communicating Maintenance Work in housekeeping department

Room attendants are the best and first line of offence in preparing for the guest stay, The clean the room and are the key people to recognise deficiencies that can cause guest dissatisfaction.

For instance, what happens if a room attendant does not recognize that a light bulb is burned out ? probably, the guest will try to turn on the lamp, notice the burned out bulb. become disgruntled and call the front desk.

This is one strike against the hotel. By setting up a proactive system whereby employees recognise deficiencies, report them, and repair them before anyone rents the room, the hotel team can avoid guest dissatisfaction.

The following items are essential to a positive guest experience and can provide a starting point for  training room attendants to understand their first-line responsibilities:

Sleep Set: If two people in a bed get wedged together in the middle because the mattress sags, no one is content. A Room attendant can easily see a sagging mattress when the sheets are stripped away. Rotate the sleep set regularly, and replace it when necessary.

Heating/ Air Conditioning: If the temperature makes you feel uncomfortable while cleaning the room, Chances are that guest will also be uncomfortable during their stay. Recognize and report problems with heaters or air conditioners.

TV, Radio, Phone: Test the radio  and TV while cleaning them. When wiping off the telephone, make sure it is working.

Bedspreads: Faded bedspread are the very first thing  most guest will notice. Since the first impression is so important, report and replace worn spreads.

Lighting: If the room attendant thinks the room seems dark a guest may feel the same way. Check each lamp's placement, each bulb's wattage and whether the switch/fixture is working.

Door: Door hardware which is not working properly irritates everyone and is potentially security issue. If it is difficult to enter the room to clean it, recognize and report the situation and make sure the door is repaired before calling the room "Vacant and ready"

Toilet: If it takes more than one flush to get everything down the drain or if the water continually runs, report the condition to maintenance immediately.

Vanity and Tub: Sparkling porcelain can make the customer feel the room is extra clean, especially if the faucets are shiny. Using a dry cloth to polish them can make the difference. Watch for stains, drips, or corroded hardware.

Towels: "Soft" is the word most people use to describe how they want their towels. A soft towel that is free of stains will feel new and will not remind a guest that it has been used by someone else. If the linen is something less than soft and clean, replace it.

Bathroom Walls : Walls vinyl gets dated quickly. When it begins peeling or wearing out a guest notes that the hotel is not all it should be. Privacy is important to many guests; ensure that the bathroom door is working properly. Report any problem to maintenance.

Water Temperature : For safety sake, recognize the temperature of the water. How war is it as soon as it comes out of the tap and how long does it takes to get Hot? The Extremes of cold or heat are things to recognize and report.

Ventilation : If a mirror fogs up while the bathroom is being cleaned, the fogging probably frustrates the guest. Check the fan and keep it clean.

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Authored and managed by Augustine, a hotelier with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has a 3-year diploma with 'honors' from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and a Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA Degree.