Front Office Staff Rules and Regulations

  • Arrive in time, inspired and motivated.

  • Dress up properly and maintain high grooming standards.

  • Smile naturally on stage and backstage.

  • Be proactive and motivate each other.

  • There is no mine, everything is ours.

  • Even if smoking is not good for you, you are only allowed to smoke in the designated staff area. (As per hotel policy)

  • After smoking, please consider our guests and colleagues, wash your hands & take a mouthwash or mint.

  • Breaks are important but don’t take extensive ones.

  • Never Ever leave your Desk unattended.

  • Always communicate your position with your team mates.

  • Keep your eyes open, observe and check our environment permanently.

  • Report any irregularity.

  • It’s your responsibility to keep our hotel clean, maintained and stylish.

  • Every guest is a VIP.

  • Never say I don’t know or/and it’s not my job, always offer an alternative.

  • Chewing doesn’t look good on you.

  • Don’t lean on the wall, the wall can stand by himself.

  • Keep your mobile on silent mode and do not speak on mobile in the guest areas.

  • Don’t hide your mistake, Instead learn from it.

  • Do not disclose guest details: like profiles, C.C No. and current guest balance outside the hotel.

  • Dispose (by shredding) any outdated internal or guest documents after a specific period of time.

  • Mask guest Credit Card no. when implying on emails.

  • Never say out the guest room number, instead point out the room number displayed on the key card or indicate which floor they will be allocated on.

  • Always confirm guest detail discreetly before renewing loss guest key

  • Be cautious with money.


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