Identifying Guest Needs and Providing Anticipatory Service

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Tips For Identifying guest needs and providing anticipatory Service

One of the most important aspects of hospitality is identifying guest needs. This requires a keen sense of observation and the ability to listen actively to guests. By paying attention to guest behaviour and body language, hospitality professionals can anticipate guest needs and exceed their expectations.

Providing anticipatory service is another key component of hospitality. This means going above and beyond to ensure that guests have a memorable experience. Anticipatory service can take many forms, from offering personalized recommendations to anticipating guests’ needs before they even ask.

Guests visit hotels for different reasons, The front desk team should be smart enough to identify and categorize different types of guest and their needs. This will allow them to provide an anticipatory service and exceed the guest’s expectations. 

Identifying Business Travellers  

  • Wearing a suit, business-like clothes, carrying a laptop, using tablets and smartphones.
  •  Reading Newspapers. Business Magazines, journals, etc.
  •  Mostly Arrive afternoon/late evening and depart early in the morning.
  •  Coming in/flying out to major Business Hubs such as London, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, Singapore etc.
  •  Their average stay could be between 1-3 stays.

Business Travellers’ Needs

  • Look for a steady and fast Internet connection, to access email.
  •  Basic business Centre service (copy, print, fax).
  •  Travel Adaptor, Mobile/ iPhone/iPod/iPad chargers and connectors.
  •  Ability to connect to multiple devices through WiFi.
  •  Likes International newspapers and magazines.
  •  Early and healthy breakfast / early bird breakfast.
  •  Workplace and inspiring work environment.
  •  Healthy and stimulating lunch, dinner, and room service menus in the communicative environment.
  •  Efficient & speedy service, discretion, and accurate invoicing.

Identifying Shopping / Leisure Guest

  • Wearing leisure clothes, brand clothes.
  •  Guest may come from the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, Japan, and America.
  •  Asking about shopping areas, and carrying lots of shopping bags during the stay
  •  Average stay 3-4 nights

Shopping / Leisure Guest Needs

  • Guest would be interested in information on shopping malls, outlets, galleries, City maps, and Area / Neighbourhood information.
  •  Requires more luggage space, more hangers, bathroom amenities, etc.
  •  Looks for Happy hour/afternoon tea etc.
  •  Swimming pool and other leisure activities in the hotel.
  •  Fancy/special restaurant recommendation.

Identifying Special Occasion Guest

  • A couple, wearing leisure clothes.
  •  Honeymooner is usually from abroad, Birthday or Anniversary may be local too.
  •  The average stay of a Birthday/Anniversary Guest is 1-2 nights (weekend), Honeymooner 3-4 days (mostly as a stopover to/from the next destination)
  •  Book or reserve rooms early and may request special arrangements and amenities in the room.

Special Occasion Guest Needs

  • Amenities from the Hotel, (Cake, Wine, chocolate, personalised gift)
  •  Special attention at Arrival/check-in.
  •  Recommendations for nice restaurants (nice view), beach activities and other attractions in the city
  •  A special touch at turn-down service.
  •  DVD Player, DVD rental / Wii / Xbox etc.
  •  Prefers Room service.
  •  Late check out.

Identifying Family Guest

  • Traveling with children, parents, or relatives.
  •  Visiting relatives or attending marriages or special functions.
  •  The average stay is 4-5 nights, likely to be booked through a travel or tour operator.

Family Guest Needs

  • A sofa bed, baby cot (including amenities) extra towels.
  •  Connecting rooms.
  •  Special Children menu.
  •  Babysitting services.
  •  Kids pool and activities for children.
  •  Recommendation of FUN places like an amusement park, zoo, city tours, and beach activities.
  •  Extra care if travelling with old parents.
Overall, identifying guest needs and providing anticipatory service are essential skills for anyone working in the hospitality industry. By mastering these skills, hospitality professionals can create a welcoming and unforgettable experience for guests.
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Since 2011 Setupmyhotel has been helping hundreds of hoteliers around the world. Support Setupmyhotel by becoming our Patron!

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