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French Classical Menu Items With English Translation

17 Course French Classical Menu

! Note: Read French Classical Menu with Description and Examples 

Starters :

1. Hors-d oeuvre (Appetizer)

2. Potage (Soup)

3. Oeuf (Egg)

4. Farineaux (Pasta or Rice)

Main Course:

5. Poisson (Fish)

6. Entrée (Entree)

Rest Between course:

7. Sorbet (Sorbet)

Main Course:

8. Releve  (Joints)

9. Roti (Roast)

10. Legumes (Vegetables)

11. Salades (Salad)

12. Buffet Froid (Cold Buffet)


13. Entremets (Sweets)

14. Savoureux (Savoury)

15. Fromage (Cheese)

16. Dessert (Cut Fruits & Nuts)

17. Boissons (Beverage Hot / Cold)

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