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F&B Service Techniques for waitress and waiters

F&B service techniques in restaurants are crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and a pleasant dining experience. These techniques include proper table setting, menu presentation, and attentive customer service.

Table setting involves arranging cutlery, glassware, and crockery in a neat and organized manner. It is important to ensure that the table is clean and that the setting complements the restaurant’s ambience and theme.

Menu presentation involves presenting the menu in an easy-to-read format and ensuring that it is clean and free of any stains or smudges. Servers should be knowledgeable about the menu items and be able to offer suggestions based on the customer’s preferences.

Attentive customer service involves greeting customers with a smile, taking their orders promptly, and checking on them throughout the meal to ensure that they are satisfied. Servers should also be able to handle any complaints or issues that arise during the meal in a professional and courteous manner.

Overall, F&B service techniques are essential in creating a positive dining experience for customers and are a key factor in the success of any restaurant.

F&B Service Techniques for waitress and waiters:

1. How to Handle Trays?

  • All trays must be clean and stain-free.
  •  Never overload or stack up too high.
  •  A small service tray should be carried in one hand. 
  •  The big tray must be always carried with two hands.
  •  Place the left hand under the Center of the tray with fingers spreading out comfortably.
  •  Heavy, high, and hot items must be closed to your body.
  •  Don’t walk too fast and Always use a tray mat or liner for balance.

2. How to Change Ashtrays?

  • Ashtrays must be clean. 
  •  Maximum 2 cigarette butts in the ashtray at any time.
  •  Do not ask the guest to pick up their lit cigarette so that you may change the ashtray.
  •  Remove astray from the table if a guest is a non–smoker.
  •  Place one of the clean ashtrays straight on the top of the dirty ashtray while removing.
  •  Always wash your hands after changing ashtrays.
  •  Wait until the guest finishes the cigarette, then approach, asking politely if they mind you changing their ashtray.

3. How to Serve Snacks?

  • Snacks are served to every guest who sits for a drink.
  •  All bar snacks are free of charge and refillable. (depending upon your hotel policy)
  •  Serve the bar snacks right away when guests are seated.
  •  The quantity of bar snacks differs on the number of guests.
  •  If the bar snacks are with a shell, each bowl should have an empty bowl.
  •  Always make sure there are enough paper tissues while serving snacks.

4. How to serve Cigars and Cigarettes?

  • Present a cigar tray to the guest, with the cigar menu.
  •  All cigars and cigarettes must be served as per guest order.
  •  Employees must know what products we sell in the outlet.
  •  All cigarettes must be served on a BB plate with hotel matches.
  •  Cigars should be accompanied by a cigar ashtray.
  •  Always offer to light guests cigars or cigarettes.
  •  After the guest has chosen a cigar, prepare a cigar ashtray, cutter, and matches.
  •  Ask the guest if they would like to have a cigar cut and lit, And Cut the cigar according to the guest’s preference.
  •  Light the cigar by using a cigar torch or matches and Wave the cigar to move lighted embers.

5. How to Handle Telephone in F&B outlets?

  • All Telephone calls must be answered before the third ring.
  •  Always ensure a “smile” in the voice before answering all calls.
  •  The phone call should be answered as follows:
  •  “Good Morning / Evening, *(Outlet name). Eric speaking. How may I assist you.”
  •  If you are attending a guest face to face while the telephone rings, then excuse yourself, answer the telephone and if required ask the caller if you can put them on hold or offer a call back later.
  •  Always ensure to thank the guest for calling.
  •  Under no circumstances will a telephone call be answered by asking: “Who is calling?”
  •  Maintain correct posture while answering the phone.
  •  Always verify the source of the call by looking at the screen of the phone.
  •  Always finish the call with “Thank you for calling”
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