Types Of Vegetable Cuts | Classical French Knife Cuts

19 Types Of Classical Knife Cuts used in the Kitchen / Food Production

The Food Production department or Kitchen make a wide variety of dishes, and the chefs working the kitchen should be very familiar with the different variety of cuts used in the advance culinary preparation. The below mentioned types of knife of cuts acts as the base for kitchen preparation and is called the 'Classical Cuts' / 'Classical Vegetable Cuts' / 'Basic Knife Cuts'.

1) Allumete Cut (Matchstick)

Dimension - 1/16'' X 1/16'' X 2''

 Matchstick Cut- Kitchen Classical Cut

2) Julienne Cut (Double Matchstick)

Dimension - 1/8'' X 1/4'' X 2''

Julienne Cut - Kitchen Classical Cut

3) Batonette Cut (French Fry Cut)

Dimension - 1/4'' X 1/4'' X 2''

French Fry or Batonette Cut- Kitchen Classical Cut

4) Brunoise Cut (Square Allumete)

Dimension - 1/16'' X 1/16'' X 1/16''

Brunoise Cut - Square Allumete - Kitchen Classical Cut 

5) Macedoine Cut (Square Julienne)

Dimension - 1/8'' X 1/8'' X 1/8''

Macedoine Cut / Square Julienne - Kitchen Classical Cut 

6) Small Dice (Squar Baton)

Dimension - 1/4'' X 1/4'' X 1 / 4''

Small Dice - Kitchen Classical Cut

7) Medium Dice 

Dimension - 1/2'' X 1/2'' X 1/2''

Medium Dice - Kitchen Classical Cut 

8) Large Dice 

Dimension - 3/4'' X 3/4'' X 3/4''

Large Dice - Kitchen Classical Cut

9) Slice

To Cut into uniform cross cuts, Example Slicing Onions

 Emincer Cut- Kitchen Classical Cut

10) Paysanne 

1/2'' diameter spheres or triangles.

Paysanne cut | Spheres Cut or Triangles Cut- Kitchen Classical Cut

11) Parisienne

Round Shaped cut.

Parisienne Cut, Potatoes Pommes- Kitchen Classical Cut

12) Olivette

Olived Shaped Cut.

Olivette cut / Olive Shaped Vegetable Cut- Kitchen Classical Cut

13) Noisette / Toulenee / Turned

Small seven sided barrel.

Toulenee Cut - Small Barrel Cut - Turned Cut - Kitchen Classical Cut

14) Chateau

Large Sever Sided Barrel.

Chateau Cut - Large Barrel - Kitchen Classical Cut

15) Concasse

Roughly Chopped

Rough Chop - Kitchen Classical Cut

16) Chop / Chopping

Cut into irregularly shaped pieces.

Chopping | Chop - Kitchen Classical Cut 

17) Mincer

Chopping into very fine pieces.

Mince / Mincer - Kitchen Classical Cut

18) Emincer

Cutting into very thin slices.

Emincer Cut - Kitchen Classical Cut

19) Sherd

Cutting into very thin strips, eg: Sherding Cabbage

Sherd / Shredding - Kitchen Classical Cut


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