Reservation Status Sample – For Hotels and Resorts

Reservation Status Codes used in hotel bookings Reservation status codes are attached to the guest’s reservation to indicate the status ...
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Market Segment Codes Sample for Reservations

Market Segment Codes used in hotel bookings Market codes are tagged to a reservation to obtain statistical information on booking ...
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Room Move / Room Shift Control Sheet

Room Move / Room Shift Tracking Sheet for Front Desk The Room Change process is one of the important tasks ...
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Front Desk – Petty Cash Voucher

Petty Cash Voucher Format Petty Cash disbursements from the Front Desk are made in emergencies when the General Cashier or ...
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Front Desk – Guest Request Tracker Format

Guest Service Request Tracker Form A guest service request tracker is used to track requests made by the guest to ...
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Briefing Sheet Sample Hotel Front Office / Front Desk

Front Office Staff Briefing Sheet Sample
The format for Front Office Staff Briefing | Shift Briefing Hotel Front office staff needs daily briefings so they know ...
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Hotel Software or PMS Demo Checklist – Reservation Functions

When evaluating hotel software or Property Management System (PMS) demos, it's important to have a checklist to ensure that all the necessary functions are included. One of the key areas to evaluate is the reservation functions. First, check if the system allows for easy online bookings, both through your hotel's website and third-party booking engines. It should also be able to handle group bookings and cancellations, and have a system for managing room inventory and availability. It's important to evaluate the system's ability to handle different types of reservations, such as those for multiple rooms or longer stays. The PMS should also be able to handle special requests, such as room preferences or additional amenities. Another important function to check is the system's ability to communicate with guests, such as through automated confirmation emails and SMS messages. It should also allow for easy modifications to reservations, and have a system for handling no-shows and late cancellations. By thoroughly evaluating the reservation functions of a hotel software or PMS demo, you can ensure that it meets the needs of your hotel and provides a smooth and efficient booking experience for your guests.
Reservation Related Functions check list for Evaluating Hotel Software Reservation Related Functions Checklist for Evaluating Hotel Software When evaluating hotel ...
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List of Hotel Front Office Stationery Items

When it comes to running a hotel, having the right stationery items at the front office is crucial for efficient communication and organization. Some essential stationery items include personalized letterheads, business cards for staff members, envelopes, pens, notepads, and reservation books.
List of Hotel Front Office / Front Desk Stationery Items When it comes to running a hotel, having the right ...
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Incident Report Format For Guest – Hotels | Front Office

An incident report is a crucial document used to record details of any unexpected event or occurrence at a hotel. It helps in documenting facts, describing the incident, and outlining the actions taken to address the situation. Here's a basic incident report format tailored for hotel use:
Sample Guest Incident Report Format – Hotel | Front Office An incident report is a crucial document used to record ...
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Pre Arrival Letter / Pre Stay Letter Format Send to Hotel Guests

A pre-arrival letter or pre-stay letter is a communication sent to guests before their scheduled arrival at a hotel or accommodation. This type of communication is a way to provide guests with important information, welcome them, and ensure a smooth check-in process. Here's a sample format for a pre-arrival letter, which could be adapted for an SMS (Short Message Service) format:
Sample Pre Arrival Letter Format to Hotel Guests A personalized pre-arrival letter or ‘See you Soon letter’ is emailed to the guest before the ...
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