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Florist Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities and Job Description

Job Description for Florist Supervisor

Position Title: Florist Supervisor

Reports To: Executive Housekeeper

Position Summary:

As a Florist Supervisor be responsible for preparing and supervising the flower requirements for the outlets, guest rooms and public areas as requested or specified. And lead floral installation for the hotel lobby, Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Spa and other public areas.

Should have thorough knowledge about a wide range of floral designs, flowers, foliage along with their seasonal availability and how long they will stay fresh. All designs and duties are to be performed in accordance with housekeeping department standard operating policies and procedures. 

Florist Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides the highest standards of service to hotel and guest.

  • Maintains close coordination with other staff.

  • Carries out training for florist staff.

  • Submits monthly work and stock control reports to EHK.

  • Able to preparing bouquets for guests, lobby centrepieces and other flower arrangements as per request or memo from both housekeeping and other departments.

  • Assist with loading or unloading of flowers and props from vehicles as and when required.

  • Ensure that all designs meet hotels standards and meet or exceed guests expectations.

  • Ensure that all floral arrangements are within the allocated budget and deadlines are met for both hotels requirements and guest orders.

  • Ensure proper communication of project status, timelines and delivery information to guests, bookers, organizers and other departments.

  • All floral orders are updated on the register or sheets and appropriate sign off to be taken from guest or other departments.

  • Billing/voucher to be done for all guest orders, events and charges to be posted to the appropriate guest or banquet folio.

  • Responsible for preparing floral containers, required props, floral foams and floral carts for storage, refrigeration and delivery.

  • Responsible for creating new floral recipes or floral designs.

  • Responsible for ordering flowers, floral products and monitor their arrivals with the vendors.

  • Responsible for coordination with flower and floral products vendors.

  • Responsible to monitor par stocks and make required requisitions.

  • Responsible for Sorting, organizing, cleaning and restock all supplies.

  • Responsible to water and maintain all in-house plants and floral decorations.

  • Ensure good relations with internal departments, clients and vendors to resolve issues.

  • Monitor all flower vase inventory and counts for breakage or loss.

  • Assumes duties as may be assigned by management from time to time.


  • Good health, Neat and pleasant appearance.

  • Pro-active and reliable.

  • Able to work alone and within a team.

  • Able to do shift work and work under pressure at times.

  • Knowledge in floral designs, flowers, foliage along with their seasonal availability etc.


Basic High school (10 years of schooling)


Three-year experience in florist management with good interpersonal skills.

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