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Handyman Job Description | Duties and Responsibilities of  Handyman

Job Description for Handyman

Position Title: Handyman

Reports To: Desk Control Supervisor

Position Summary:

The Housekeeping Handyman is responsible for minor repairs, in order to maintain and upkeep its general condition according to hotel standards.

He/She should be able to effectively communicate verbally with other employees in an attentive, friendly, courteous and service-oriented manner.

Handyman Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepares the necessary tools /equipment for the day's work, do any work order request.

  • Handles properly the work assigned by the supervisor/captain.

  • Works order that can`t be don`t by him which need major repair by the required trade-in engineering.

  • Checks the maintained items by floor captain.

  • Conducts regular inspections of all corridors and area equipment.

  • Makes inspection plan.

  • To maintain the equipment and tools in good order and to maintain all stores organised.

  • To show interest in learning all available new technology and the latest products.

  • To share in the implementation of the training programs that will result in better productivity and a better work environment.

  • To attend the conducted technical training, and to assure the correct implementation.

  • Initiates orders for supplies for the trolley and maintain records of work completed.

  • Ensure that all Work Order, PPM & General Maintenance works are executed, as directed by the immediate supervisor.

  • Ensures that machines and equipment are clean and tidy at all times.

  • Maintains and repairs all furniture, carpet and wallpaper.

  • Makes a written report on defects noted.

  • Conducts inventory of working tools and equipment every month.


  • Related repairing and maintaining skill.

  • Good health, Neat and pleasant appearance.


  • High School or Diploma in vocational level or mechanical ITI.


  • Experience of two to three years in a related position.

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