Front desk – Agent / Guest service associate Job Description

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Font desk agent in hotels

A front desk agent or guest service associate is an essential role in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for providing exceptional customer service to guests and ensuring their stay is a memorable one.

One of the primary duties of a front desk agent is to check-in guests. This involves verifying identification, providing room keys, and explaining hotel amenities. They also handle guest complaints and requests, such as providing extra towels or arranging transportation.

In addition to guest interactions, front desk agents are responsible for administrative tasks such as answering phones, making reservations, and updating guest information in the hotel’s computer system. They must also have a good understanding of the hotel’s policies and procedures to effectively assist guests.

A successful front desk agent must possess excellent communication skills, be detail-oriented, and have the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. They must also be able to handle difficult situations with grace and professionalism.

Overall, a front desk agent plays a crucial role in ensuring guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay. It is a rewarding job that requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for customer service.

Represents the hotel to the guest throughout all stages of the guest’s stay. Determinate a guest’s reservation status and identify how long the guest will stay. Helps guests complete registration cards and then assigns rooms, accommodating special requests whenever possible.

Verifies the guest’s method of payment and follows established credit-checking procedures. Places guest and room information in the appropriate front desk racks and communicates this information to the appropriate hotel personnel.


  1. Register guests and assign rooms. Accommodates special requests whenever possible.
  2.  Assists in pre-registration and blocking of rooms for reservations.
  3.  Thoroughly understand and adhere to proper credit, check-cashing, and cash-handling policies and procedures.
  4.  Understands room status and room status tracking.
  5.  Knows room locations, types of rooms available, and room rates.
  6.  Must be sales-minded. Presents options and alternatives to guests and offers assistance in making choices.
  7.  Uses suggestive selling techniques to sell rooms and to promote other services of the hotel.
  8.  Knows the location and types of available rooms as well as the activities and services of the property.
  9.  Coordinates room status updates with the housekeeping department by notification housekeeping of all checkouts, late checkouts, early check-ins, special requests, and day-use rooms.
  10.  Possesses a working knowledge of the reservations department. Takes same-day reservations and future reservations when necessary. Knows cancellation procedures.
  11.  Maintains guest room key storage, and maintains and supervises access to safe deposit boxes.
  12.  File room keys ( only for manual room key hotels)
  13.  Knows how to use front office equipment.
  14.  Process guest check-outs.
  15.  Performing cashier-related functions like posting charges to guest accounts, raising paid out’s, currency exchange,
  16.  Follows procedures for issuing and closing safe deposit boxes used by guests.
  17.  Works closely with the housekeeping department in keeping room status reports up to date and coordinates requests for maintenance and repair work.
  18.  Uses proper telephone etiquette.
  19.  Performs cashiering tasks like bill/invoice settlement, posting charges to the guest, paid-outs, Foreign currency exchange, etc.
  20.  Uses proper mail, package, and message handling procedures and records details in the courier Mail Register.
  21.  Advise guests of any messages, mail, faxes, etc. received for them.
  22.  Inform guests of the room safe and mini-bar key and room key procedures.
  23.  Issue parking passes/validate valet parking tickets.
  24.  Communicate services and amenities of the hotel to guests.
  25.  Obtain proper identification for tax-exempt guests and attach the form to the registration card.
  26.  Direct Bell Person to escort guests and transport their luggage to the room.
  27.  Reads and initials the pass-on log and bulletin board daily. Is aware of daily activities and meetings taking place in the hotel.
  28.  Attends department meetings.
  29.  Reports any unusual occurrences or requests to the manager or assistant manager.
  30.  Knows all safety and emergency procedures and is aware of accident prevention policies.
  31.  Maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the front desk area.
  32.  Understand that business demands sometimes make it necessary to move employees from their accustomed shifts to other shifts.
  33.  Advise guests of any messages, mail, faxes, etc. received for them.


REPORTS TO: Front office manager


Education: High school graduate or equivalent. Must speak, read. Write, and understand the primary language used in the workplace. Must be able to speak and understand the primary language used by the guests who visit the hotel.

Experience: Previous hotel-related experience desired.

Physical: Requires fingering, grasping, writing, standing, sitting, walking, repetitive motions, hearing, and visual acuity, and may on occasion have to lift and carry up to 40 pounds.

Interview Questions For Front Desk Agent or Assistant:

When interviewing candidates for a Front Desk Agent or Guest Service Associate position, it’s important to assess their communication skills, customer service abilities, multitasking capabilities, and overall suitability for handling various tasks at the front desk. Here are some interview questions you might consider:

  1. Can you describe your previous experience working in a front desk or guest service role?
    • This question allows the candidate to provide an overview of their relevant experience.
  2. How do you prioritize and manage multiple tasks, such as handling check-ins, answering phones, and assisting guests with inquiries, simultaneously at the front desk?
    • Assess the candidate’s organizational and multitasking skills, crucial for managing the demands of a busy front desk.
  3. How do you handle guest check-ins and check-outs efficiently, ensuring a positive experience for guests?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s understanding of front desk operations and their ability to manage the check-in and check-out procedures effectively.
  4. What strategies do you use to handle guest complaints or issues, ensuring a prompt and satisfactory resolution?
    • This question assesses the candidate’s interpersonal and problem-solving skills, crucial for managing guest relations.
  5. Can you share an example of a time when you went above and beyond to exceed a guest’s expectations?
    • This behavioral question allows the candidate to showcase their commitment to exceptional customer service.
  6. How do you handle difficult or upset guests, and what steps do you take to de-escalate tense situations?
    • Assess the candidate’s ability to handle challenging situations with composure and professionalism.
  7. What technology and software are you familiar with for front desk operations, such as reservation systems or check-in software?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s technical skills and their familiarity with tools commonly used in front office operations.
  8. How do you ensure accurate record-keeping and maintain confidentiality when handling guest information at the front desk?
    • Assess the candidate’s attention to detail and commitment to privacy and security protocols.
  9. What steps do you take to stay informed about local events, attractions, and services to provide helpful information to guests?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and curiosity about the local area, as providing helpful information to guests is a key responsibility.
  10. What do you believe are the most important qualities for a Front Desk Agent or Guest Service Associate to possess?
    • This question allows the candidate to express their understanding of the role and the qualities they think are essential for success in front desk positions.

Salary for a Front Desk Agent / Guest Service Associate: The salary for a Front Desk Agent or Guest Service Associate can vary based on factors such as the size and type of the hotel, location, and the candidate’s experience. As of January 2024, the average annual salary for a Guest Service Associate in the United States ranged from $25,000 to $40,000.

Salary figures can change over time, and it’s essential to refer to the latest industry reports, salary surveys, and local job market data for the most up-to-date information on salaries for Front Desk Agents or Guest Service Associates.

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